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10 medical reasons you feel tired all the time and how to remedy the condition



Is tiredness one of your everyday problems? You’re not alone. We know how tired we feel when having the flu, a cold, or some other viral infection. However, constant fatigue or lack of energy may be caused by other factors such as inadequate sleep and underlying health conditions that I will discuss below.

Is there a difference between tiredness and fatigue?

Everyone experiences tiredness from time to time and resting and sleeping are effective remedies for it. When tiredness becomes so overwhelming or chronic that rest and sleep can’t help, it becomes fatigue.

Here are several medical reasons you are always tired and how to remedy the conditions:

1.      Sleep apnoea

Fatigue can also come from sleep apnoea; a condition in which your throat narrows or closes in the course of sleep and interrupts your breathing repeatedly.

Struggling with breathing during sleep is the reason you wake up feeling exhausted.

Overweight middle-aged men, smokers and people who drink alcohol are the most affected. Simply abandon any unhealthy lifestyle and also talk to your doctor.

2.      Underactive thyroid

This means your body contains too little thyroid hormone (thyroxine). This makes you feel tired.

Underactive thyroid can lead to weight gain, muscle ache and dry skin.

To diagnose it, take a blood test and get thyroid supplements.

3.      Medication

The side effect of certain medications is tiredness. Imagine you take them every week or day. Try to recall when you first experienced daytime sleepiness. It might have been in the aftermath of a new medication.

Always check any drug you take to know if fatigue is one of the side effects. If it is, consult your doctor to prescribe another drug or reduce your dosage.

4.      Anaemia

If you feel constantly tired, consult a doctor to know if it’s iron deficiency anaemia or iron-overload disorder (haemochromatosis).

This condition usually affects women with heavy periods and pregnant women. It can also affect men, postmenopausal women and those with stomach and intestinal issues.

5.      Chronic fatigue syndrome

Another name for chronic fatigue syndrome is myalgic encephalomyelitis, or ME). This type of fatigue is severe and disabling and can last for about 4 months. The symptoms include muscle or joint pain.

6.      Diabetes

If you’ve diabetes (type 1 or type 2), persistent tiredness will wreck your body.  Thirst, excess urination mostly at night and weight loss will characterize your life. Consult your doctor if you do experience that.

7.      Glandular fever

Glandular fever, which causes fatigue, fever, swollen glands and sore throat, is a viral infection.

It’s  mostly common among teenagers and young adults. Its symptoms mostly disappear between 4 and 6 weeks, leaving the fatigue to go on for a few more months.

8.      Depression

Depression affects people in several ways and one of them is a feeling of being drained of energy.

When depression stops you from falling asleep on time and causes you to wake up earlier than normal, that makes you tired during the day.

9.      Restless legs syndrome

The overwhelming urge to move your legs while sleeping is called restless legs syndrome. The condition can keep you awake for too long.

An unpleasant sensation to crawl, deep leg ache and a spontaneous jerk in your legs are some symptoms of restless legs syndrome. All these can make you feel tired during the day.

10.  Anxiety


It is normal to feel anxious at times, but if you are constantly exercising uncontrollable feelings of anxiety, you need a doctor. 

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is the name doctors usually use. Slightly more women than men suffer from this level of anxiety.


Our level of tiredness differs each day. So, make sure you don’t mistake ordinary sleepiness for excessive tiredness. To remedy the condition, go for lifestyle changes and discuss with your healthcare provider. You never know; your problem might be a sleep disorder or another medical condition requiring attention.



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