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10 Signs You are Losing Weight

Signs You are Losing Weight

Is your weight loss effort paying off? How can you tell without measuring your weight? Here are vital signs to help you know that your body is responding positively to your weight loss journey:

1. You Don’t Get Hungry Every Time

If your weight loss comes from a diet change that includes additional proteins and fewer carbs and fat, you may realize that you are getting full much faster than before.

A 2013 study revealed that vegetarians and vegans get a much stronger satisfaction signal from vegetable proteins than people who consume animal-derived proteins.

2. You Develop a Better Sense of Well-Being

When your weight loss journey reaches a significantly good point, your overall psychological well-being improves too.

Participants of a 2013 study reported after 12 months that their vitality and self-control improved in addition to reduced depression and anxiety levels.

However, exclude trauma or illness-induced weight loss from such expectations.

3. Your Clothes Fit Differently

Not jumping as usual when pulling up your jeans after starting your weight loss journey is a positive sign. It motivates you to keep on even before noticing a big difference on the scale.

4. You’re Noticing Some Muscle Definition

It definitely takes weeks or months to build noticeable muscle definition. Besides, how fast muscles show depends on your body type and kind of exercise you do.

For quick muscle definition, consume enough proteins and resistance-based exercises.

5. You’re Noticing Changes in Your Body Measurements

If your waist is shrinking, your weight is reducing. That’s great for your overall health. Researchers tracked 430 people during a 2-year weight management program and found that their reduced waist measurement was linked to improved results in blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Other research studies also associate waist circumference with the risk of heart disease.

6. Your Chronic Pain Improves

The more you lose weight, the less chronic pain you feel, especially in body areas like the lower legs and lower back which hold more weight.

In another study in 2017, participants who lost at least 10 percent of their body weight experienced dramatic improvement in chronic pain in weight-bearing areas.

7. You’re Having More Frequent Visits to the Restroom

Switching to a diet that promotes weight loss may impact your bowel movement patterns. For example, giving up meat for leafy greens and veggies may reduce constipation and enhance gut health, unlike an animal-protein rich diet that is prone to promoting constipation.

8. Your Blood Pressure is Dropping

Your blood pressure is likely to be high if you’re overweight. That increases your susceptibility to strokes and heart attacks.

Losing weight is a great way to bring down your blood pressure, reduce calories, promote a healthier diet and exercise.

9. You Snore Less

Though complicated, increased weight has a relationship with snoring! Researchers have discovered that people (typically women) with metabolic syndrome (a sign of diabetes) often snore.

Snoring and sleep apnea may even lead to weight gain. No wonder weight loss is another targeted therapy for people who snore or have sleeping disorders.

10. Your Mood Improves

Any weight loss program should come with healthy changes to your eating habits and then an improved mood and more energy.

According to a 2016 study, researchers found that a menu loaded with a high glycemic diet such as cookies, crackers, cakes, potatoes and bagels, raised blood sugars. Unlike a low glycemic load diet, such a diet caused about 38 percent of symptoms of depression and those of fatigue at 26 percent.

Wherever you’ve reached, especially in the first weeks or months of your weight loss journey, monitor your progress by checking these weight loss signs even if you measure your weight on a scale.

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