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11 Worst Foods for High Blood Pressure



First of all, you may have high blood pressure without being aware. So, test to be sure. If you have hypertension, you’re not alone. One way to control your blood pressure is to avoid some foods and eat others.

11 Worst Foods for High Blood Pressure

Here are the worst foods for high blood pressure you should eliminate from your diet once and for all:

Frozen Meals

Frozen meals are fast and convenient. However, they are full of sodium (salt). So, you need to avoid them. If you really need something to eat quickly once in a while, go for options with only about 600 milligrams of sodium or below.

Pickled Foods and Their Juices

Foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, and other pickled or brined foods often come with lots of salt. 3 ounces of pickle juice contain up to 900 milligrams of salt, depending on the brand. Try limiting the amount of pickled foods you consume. And go for marinades made from pineapple juice, vinegar, or citrus fruits like oranges, limes and lemons. They supplement the food with a tart flavor with less sodium.

Processed Meat

Your lunch meat typically carries up to 750 milligrams or more of sodium in each serving. That’s around six thin slices. Other processed meats with high levels of sodium as well, include hot dogs, bacon, corned beef, and sausage. You add in ham hocks, salt pork, and spareribs in the list too. Stick with chicken, fish, and small meat cuts.


It doesn’t matter if it’s frozen or it’s from your favorite delivery spot, its sodium content is a problem to your blood pressure. Check this out! 4-ounce slice of frozen cheese pizza contains 370 to 730 milligrams of salt. And a 4-ounce slice purchased from a restaurant comes with more even, that’s between 510 and 760 milligrams. To cut back, order only a smaller pizza and ditch the stuffed crust. Opt for small crust and veggies for the sake of even more health benefits.

Salty Snacks

Most crackers, chips (french fries) and popcorn have high amounts of sodium. For example, 1-ounce serving of plain potato chips carries about 50-200 milligrams. Try low- or zero-sodium nuts, chips, seeds, or pretzels when cravings hit. Or go for fresh carrots or celery sticks and enjoy that satisfying crunch.


Though bread doesn’t taste salty, it contains lots of salt. A single slice of white bread carries from 80 to 230 milligrams of salt. Each time you make a sandwich, use only whole-grain bread, an English muffin, or a tortilla to limit the sodium. Also consider eating your sandwich “open-faced” with just a single slice.


Soup is delicious on a cold day, but its high sodium content is an issue. One cup (8 ounces) of tomato soup can have from 700 to 1,260 milligrams of salt. Purchase low-sodium versions of your favorites instead. Or you can make your own and flavor mixed with herbs and spices.

Tomato Juice and Sauces

In three-quarters of a cup of canned tomato juice are 660 milligrams of sodium. Get but those with low-sodium.


Certain types of cheese raise blood pressure more than others. Go for cheeses that are naturally low in sodium, like Swiss, that has 75 milligrams in 1-ounce serving. Goat, fresh mozzarella and ricotta are good, as well. Processed and hard cheeses like American and cottage cheese contain more sodium. Half-cup of regular cottage cheese carries 455 milligrams.

Beer, wine and alcohol

Taking too much beer, wine and alcohol only increase your chances of having high blood pressure. As a man, reduce your consumption to not more than two drinks a day. For women, one is enough.  One drink is more like 12 ounces of beer, 4 ounces of wine and 1½ ounces of 80-proof spirits, or 1 ounce of 100-proof spirits. Note that red wine has been associated with heart health, but you need to limit the amount that enters your body.


Soy sauce, ketchup, and salad dressings all come high in sodium. Buy low-sodium options. Or try adding the flavor using lemon juice and vinegar.

It’s about your health and high blood pressure is a chronic condition. So, run away from the above foods as much as you can.

Besides, I’m a health coach; you can contact if you have high blood pressure and need help with treating it.




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