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13 Ways to Treat Fibroids Naturally


Treat Fibroids Naturally 

 Fibroids are gentle growths in and on the uterus. Though the growths come with no cancer, their symptoms are threatening. In multiple cases, fibroids often shrink by themselves and especially after menopause. So, the symptoms are the reasons you may seek treatment.

Symptoms can include:

·       Heavy menstrual bleeding

·       Pain in the pelvic area

·       Anemia

·       Bladder problems

·       Infertility

·       Constipation

·       Pain radiating to the legs or back

Below are 12 natural ways to treat fibroids you should know. However, before trying them, speak with your healthcare provider.

1.     Vitamins and supplements

Taking enough Vitamin D and A reduces your risk of fibroids. Symptoms of uterine fibroids like menstrual pain, cramping and bloating may get worse if left untreated. The following vitamins may remedy the symptoms:

·       vitamin E

·       vitamin B-1

·       vitamin B-6

·       omega-3 fatty acids

·       magnesium

You can find these vitamins in food and supplements! Consult your doctor first before these supplements.

2.     Nutrition

Taking the right daily diet helps in treating fibroids.

Food to eat

Eat fiber-rich unprocessed foods to reduce your appetite, balance hormones levels and control your weight. They are:

·       raw/cooked vegetables and fruit

·       dried fruit

·       brown rice

·       whole grains

·       whole-grain bread and pasta

·       lentils and beans

·       fresh and dried herbs

·       quinoa

Foods to avoid

·       Too much meat to avoid hormonal loads that encourage fibroid growth

·       Too much coffee to avoid caffeine which may lead to fibroid growth

·       Alcohol

Refined carbohydrates and sugary foods like:

·       white rice, flour, and pasta

·       soda and all sugary drinks

·       boxed cereals

·       corn syrup

·       baked goods (cookies, cakes, doughnuts)

·       crackers

·       potato chips


3.     Control Blood pressure

According to a Dutch study, there may be a connection between HBP and fibroids. So if you manage your blood pressure well, it may curb your risk of fibroids and improve your general health. Do that by checking your blood sugar regularly, limiting your salt or sodium consumption and doing regular exercise.

4.     Beets

Incorporating beets into your diet can help curb fibroids. Beets are both a blood purifier and liver detox agent. Ensure that a beet goes into your dinner every night and always grate it into your lunch salad.

5.     Green Tea

Green tea contains a bioflavonoid known as EGCG that may help shrink the size and number of fibroids. Its anti-inflammatory properties and toxin-removal capabilities may be what makes green tea such a fibroid remedy.

6.     Apple Cider Vinegar

To alkalize your body and provide it with probiotics, acetic acid and nutrients, take 1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar in a 10 ounce glass of water between meals. Take it twice daily to treat fibroids and other health problems.

7.     Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is a nutrient-rich source that may help to strengthen your body. As an excellent source of iron, it can help fight anemia common among women with fibroids.

8.     Flax Seed

Consuming flax seed can help get rid of excess estrogen from the body. Too much estrogen is known for causing reproductive health problems, including fibroids.

9.     Castor Oil Packs

You can use castor oil to remove growths. Castor oil packs are effective when used over-night 4 nights a week on the lower abdomen. However, don’t use the packs during menstruation to avoid an increase in blood flow.

10.  Iodine

Iodine is an essential nutrient though most modern diets lack it. The body that lacks iodine can result in hypothyroidism as well as other female hormonal problems such as ovarian cysts and fibroids.

11.  Selenium

Your body needs selenium to use iodine properly. You can use a selenium supplement or eat a brazil nut daily. Avoid selenium toxicity by not consuming excess brazil nut.

12.  Vitex

Taking vitex (chaste tree berry) can help balance hormones. Chew ½ a teaspoon of dried vitex berries one at a time throughout the day. Remember, they taste peppery.

13.  Turmeric

Turmeric contains curcumin, a component that reduces fibroids. Having some golden milk daily with a dose of turmeric is a great idea. Here is a smoothie remedy you should try:

Fibroid Remedy Breakfast Smoothie

This rich breakfast smoothie includes a combination of the best fibroid remedies you need to start your day:

·       1 T. flax seed, ground

·       1 beet (canned)

·       1 T. blackstrap molasses:

·       1 t. turmeric

·       1 cup almond milk

·       ½ banana, frozen

·       ¼ cup frozen pineapple

·       Tiny pinch of sea salt

·       Blend all of them using a blender.

Have you used natural remedies to treat fibroids before? Please send me your story via the comment section below!


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