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3 Reasons Your Detox Didn’t Work



Are you wondering why you have not had a successful detox like my other clients? There is a reason that’s happening to you and not others. I’m writing this post to help you understand why, so that next time, you will detox more properly and flush out toxins from your body as required.

Okay, let’s jump straight into it!  Here are three essential reasons why your detox did not work.

1: What you did was not a complete detox and that’s why it failed to work. You didn’t detox your body fully in all of the important system organs such as the liver, kidneys, digestive tract, lungs and stomach. Your detox has to be effective in all these areas and that involves not eating or drinking anything that deposits toxins into your body during your detox period.

2: Another reason your detox failed to work is that you reintroduced toxins into your system sooner than later after your detox. This can make you have an allergy to something you keep eating or drinking or you’re not having enough sleep which is also a natural detox for your body.

3: The other reason is that maybe your detox failed to work as required because you either over-detoxed or detoxed while your body didn’t even require a detox. There are times that your body’s natural detox system doesn’t need to be supplemented by a non-natural detox. But your lifestyle determines whether you need a detox or not, though technically everyone may need a detox at some point since nearly everybody consumes foods and drinks with some amounts of toxins in them. These are foods with chemical preservatives, additives as well as alcohol, cigarettes and too many medications. If you are consuming all these foods, you need to detox to flush their toxins out of your system. Remember that you don’t have to detox and still follow the same lifestyle you had before you detoxed.

After your detox, correct your lifestyle by changing what and how you eat and drink, the way you sleep and handle stress, and your body won’t require a detox.

Since we are talking detox, let me leave you with these powerful words that also apply in all aspects of human life, “YOU DON’T NEED TO BE PERFECT, JUST BE BETTER THAN YOU WERE YESTERDAY”

Take care!


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