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5 things you can do to look after your kidneys today

Kidney Disease

Are you one of those who consistently ignore information about kidney disease? Since you’ve already started reading this life-saving article, continue and thank me later.  Kidney disease is “silent disease” because it hardly causes symptoms until it’s almost in a chronic stage.

What are kidneys?

Kidneys are two extremely vital organs on either side of your backbone in your abdomen. Kidneys are shaped like a bean and are about the size of a fist.

What do healthy kidneys do to your health?


·       They clean and regulate your blood

·       They process your blood to sort out unwanted chemicals, waste and excess fluids and turn them into urine.

·       Manage the amount of water in your body

·       Every hour, all your blood supply cycles through your kidneys 12 times, adding about 200L of blood daily.

5 things you can do to look after your kidneys

1.     Watch out for symptoms of kidney disease

Kidney disease is also called “silent disease” because its symptoms always hide until it has progressed significantly. Many people only experience the symptoms after having lost almost 90% of their kidney functions.

1. Watch out for these signs of a reduced kidney function:

·       High blood pressure

·       Tiredness And fatigue

·       Change in the number of toilet visits and amount of urine you produce, for instance,

·       Foaming or frothy urine

·       Blood in your urine

·       Increased puffiness around your ankles, legs or eyes
and pain in your kidney area (lower back)

·       Difficulties sleeping

·       Loss of appetite

·       Difficulty concentrating

·       Headaches

·       Itching

·       Nausea and vomiting

·       Shortness of breath

·       Bad breath and metallic taste in the mouth

·       Muscle cramps

However, many of these symptoms are so general or vague that they many may point to other illnesses. Discuss with your healthcare provided to help you to rule out if it’s a kidney disease or other issues.

2. Quit smoking

Do you smoke? If yes, know that you’re likely to develop kidney disease and kidney cancer. So, stop smoking to improve your kidney health and save your dear life.

3. Watch your blood pressure

High blood pressure also called hypertension is a risk factor when it comes to kidney disease since it can damage the arteries and blood vessels both in and around your kidneys. Test your blood pressure regularly to ensure it is okay.

If you have HBP, talk with your doctor to know how best to manage it. This should include:

·       Regular physical exercise

·       About 30 minutes of moderate activity daily

·       Taking alcohol in moderation

·       Quitting smoking

·       Reducing salt intake

·       Reducing stress

·       Eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water.


Some people with HBP need to take medication to manage their condition.


4. Manage diabetes

Statistically, a higher percentage of kidney disease cases are caused by diabetes. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, talk with your doctor about the right way to manage the condition while also monitoring your kidney health.

5. Drink water regularly

Hydrating your body regularly improves the function and overall health of your kidneys. Fluids are good especially water which is the best type of the fluid you should drink. Water has no kilojoules, salt or sugar which is excellent for the body. Note that mineral waters, cordials, soft drinks, fruit concentrates and alcohol all come with high levels of salt and sugar. And drinks such as some cola drinks and beer come with phosphoric acid which instead promotes kidney stones. Only take these drinks especially during occasions and go for water when quenching your taste.


Feeling thirsty is a sign that you’re already dehydrated. Drink small amounts of water frequently throughout the day to stay hydrated. Ensure that you drink more if you are in a place with a hot climate or are exercising, breastfeeding or pregnant.


Hope you’ve learned how to keep your kidneys healthy from this article. Browse this blog to find more essential health tips.


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