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5 Ways to Developing Better Healthy Habits


5 Ways to Developing Better Healthy Habits

As simple as it may sound, researches and medical counseling has shown that healthy habits increase our life span and help us have not just long life, but also a good quality of life. Putting in the work in order to perhaps cut down on our diet, exercise more often, and undertake other unpopular health habits like deworming, might seem very tasking and unrewarding from the start, but health experts think otherwise through their numerous researches that has shown that good healthy living habits can boost the health quality of your life.

Speaking about habits, we all know how difficult it seems to create a habit or break a bad one. Behavioural experts say it takes at least 30 days to break a habit and form a new one. This article does not really do justice to the nitty-gritty of making and breaking habits, but a simple Google search should churn out tons of great articles and even great books on making and breaking habits.

If you are having troubles with your health habits, we have outlined steps you can follow to boost good healthy habits that would give you that robust healthy the life you’ve always dreamed of. By simply making healthy choices, you can minimize the risk of having common health challenges like cancer, obesity, addictions, diabetes, heart diseases etc.


1. Create an Awareness

Most persons do things regularly that they are not even aware are habits. From bathing regularly to brushing twice a day etc, we live out these health habits without being conscious of them.

The first step to making good health habits is to note and become aware of your daily health habits. Do more often and intentionally the good ones and avoid the things that trigger the bad ones.


2. Create a Health Plan

Most times we are too preoccupied with having luxurious business plans and goals that we relegate making a health plan to the background – in a worst-case scenario, we don’t have health plans at all.

If you want to begin taking your health seriously, you should consider having a robust but simple health plan.

If you eat junks a lot, you might consider changing your regular route where these junks are sold. Some questions you can answer in making a health plan are:

1.       What kind of diet have I been on for the past five years?

2.       Is it impacting my health negatively?

3.       Do I need to see a dietician?

4.       Have I been so concerned about what I eat on a daily basis?

5.       What health rules am I practicing?

3. Be Consistent

 The best thing is always easy to start, but staying on it over a long period of time is the problem. You must realise changes don’t take place overnight.


4. Think Future

As you decide to stay on track, visualise your expectations in the long run. Think about how happy and fulfilled you’d be when you have the type of health you always wished for.

5. Be Accountable

We can’t possibly score ourselves well. We might be too soft or hard on ourselves. Get your loved ones involved in your health plan. Let them help watch and keep you on track.

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