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5 Ways to Manage Stress


Manage Stress

To give a brief introduction into what stress is and how it affects us, let’s lift a definition of what stress is from a publication by the online health site,, which defined stress as “a feeling if being under abnormal pressure.” This definition would have passed for some not-too-important topic, but it is very pertinent to say here that this seemingly flattened definition can for a moment be too simple in comparison to the causes and effects of stress. We will however leave you to be the judge, for now, let’s look at how you can detect that you are undergoing stress.


Identifying Stress

The truth is, we all go through stress one way or the other, some cases are extreme (chronic stress), others are mild (acute stress), but if you notice yours is affecting your mental and physical health, then it is something you shouldn’t treat lightly. Things like,

·         Constant mood swings

·         Depression

·         Diarrhoea

·         Low sex drive

·         Dizziness and nauseating

·         Not being able to relax properly

·         Getting divorced

·         Having a baby

·         Money issues

are some pointers that you might be experiencing stress.

Managing Stress

You might wonder why we didn’t have more a “encouraging” subtitle such as Eliminating Stress, or The Cure for Stress. The reason is not farfetched. Stress cannot be totally eliminated, except we cease to exist. At its best, we can only manage it effectively. How do you manage stress?

1. Regular Exercise

Exercise has been known to be a great tool in not only being fit, but also emotionally and mentally fit. With a good dose of exercise, you will have better sleeping habits, a proactive mind to handle stress as well as a recipe for relaxation.

2. Time management

Learning to prioritize tasks and avoid doing a lot of things are flawless keys to handling stress. This involves goal-setting and planning of your day to day activities. Avoid going out without a plan, this would ensure you don’t take on things that would later overwhelm you before the day is half spent. If you encounter new things you didn’t plan for, you can include it in the next day’s list. Avoid deadline rush. With a good time management plan in place, you would be able to know what to do at every point in time and when to do them. This would ensure you don’t pile up activities to the last moments.


3. Organisational Skills

If your surroundings are well organized, you would have saved yourself the stress of looking for misplaced items. Make it a habit to arrange your room or where you live. A good and neatly arranged surrounding impacts your mental health positively.

4. Support Systems

If you are the very social type, you would have less issue with stress. There is this relaxation and nerve-calming feeling that comes with spending time with those you love, such as friends, family members and even pets.

5. Vacations, Relaxations and Medications

Meditations can be a very good way to manage stress. Make time to get away from the noise and busy street. Get a quiet place and lay down in meditation. The serenity and calmness of your mind would help reduce the stress that you might be going through. Vacations are also great ways to manage stress. Learn to relax and retire from work a bit. Go out on dates, meet people, have fun and spice up your life.

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