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6 Hard Truths You Need to Help You Lose Weight


Weight Loss Hard Truths

Have you tried doing everything you have learned about weight loss and still find it hard to lose weight to a visible level? Well, if you know facts about losing weight, overcoming these obstacles and attaining your goals can be simple. To succeed in your weight loss journey, simply ignore all the gimmicks out there and embrace these hard truths about losing weight:

1.     Your Body Works Against You

While trying to lose weight, you fight against both your cravings for food and your body. Australian researchers found that weight loss reduces leptin and increases ghrelin. Leptin is a hormone that tells your brain that you’re full while ghrelin stimulates hunger. This hormone imbalance gives you a hard time during and after losing weight. Also, cutting lots of calories too soon can slow down your metabolism (digestion) which is really bad. The solution is to lose weight moderately.

2.     There are No Quick Fixes

Weight loss has neither magic pills nor miracle cures. However, the truth is that it’s hard to be patient when you are working on losing weight.

Avoid quick starvation diets because they can harm your metabolism and make your weight loss journey much harder in the long run. Doctors recommend a slow and steady weight loss program as it is easier to maintain.

3.     Exercise Can’t Do it All

Exercise is great for losing weight but with exercise alone, it’s nearly impossible to lose weight. According to the U.S National Weight Control Registry, people who lose weight and maintain it spend at least 60 minutes of most days exercising. If you are a 61 kilogram person and bikes 12 miles in an hour, you will burn 369 calories. But you can still replace all those calories with a single post-workout protein bar. The best way to lose a kilogram of fat is to burn 3,500 calories more than you consume. So, watch out what you eat.


4.     One Diet Won’t Work for Everyone

Don’t think that the diet that works for you will work for your friend, family members or coworker.  We each have unique bodies. Before starting your weight loss journey, consider things like your health, family history, age, gender, metabolism, activity level, likes and dislikes. Always take a bit of some of your favourite foods irregularly when you’re dieting in order not to feel too deprived and tempted to give up. Remember, one diet doesn’t fit all!

5.     Cardio is Essential

Cardiovascular xercise is also referred to as aerobic or endurance exercise. Doctors recommend adults to include moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for at least 150 minutes throughout the week or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity or both. This includes brisk walking, running, sweimming, bicycling, dancing, jumping, gym workouts, etc. Note that simply walking around also counts. However, people with a lot of weight or obese  people need to be even more active by exercising for at least 30 minutes per day. Strength training supports joint health, which is great.

6.     It’s not a Diet but a Lifestyle Change

To lose and maintain your weight loss, you have to change your behavior so much so that it becomes your lifelong lifestyle. That’s because if you stop dieting, you begin gaining weight again. So, make sustainable lifestyle changes such as making healthy food choices consistently and doing lots of exercise every week.

If you have found these hard truths about weight loss helpful or have a question, please leave it on the comment section below.



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