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7 common mistakes that can hurt your breast health


Breast health

Most women don’t give their breasts the healthy attention they deserve regularly. What about you? Breasts are sensitive body organs that need regular examination and care though you might not feel like it.  It’s imperative to take timely and healthy preventive measures to avoid all types of breast-related ailments. Ignoring our breast health can cause us to develop habits that can degrade our breast health in the long run. Here are six common habitual things we may be doing that are detrimental to your breast health.

1.     Putting on the wrong bra size

Wearing the wrong bra size doesn’t help you feel good. Putting on a loose bra can promote sagging and breast stretching. However, avoid wearing a tight bra too. It can hamper blood circulation inside your breast as well as cause shoulder, neck and back. Just wear the right bra size and everything will be okay if you’re not into another unhealthy breast habit.


2.     Waxing your nipple hair

Nipple hair removal may seem right, but health-wise, it’s a DON’T. According to a study published by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, the aftermath of using a razor around the nipple area can be an infection. Whichever way you remove that hair will increase the risk of inflammation and that’s the last thing you want to experience in such a sensitive and delicate organ.

3.     Nipple piercing

Are you into body piercing beyond the ears? The University of Lawa in the United States conducted a study on body piercing and concluded that women who pierce their nipples are likely to have damaged milk production ducts. Further, the mammary glands, which are extremely important for breast health, can risk developing a painful pus-filled abscess and chronic infection due to nipple piercing.


4.     Excessive smoking and caffeine intake

No one doubts the deadly effects of smoking in the lungs and heart, but do you know what nicotine does to the breasts? Many studies have shown that women who smoke regularly or consume a lot of caffeine develop breast-related issues. They include elasticity loss, sagging, breast tenderness and an increase in the risk of breast cancer.



5.     Not wearing a bra when jogging

Besides wearing the wrong bra size, not wearing a bra at all when stepping out for a run or exercise has its consequences. Failing to give your breast the support they really need can result in severe pain and discomfort. The ligaments connecting breasts to the chest wall can be overstretched to the point of pain, aches and sores.

6.     Using duct tape

You’ve probably watched several fashion videos recommending the use of duct tape to lift and support your bra whenever you dress in something that doesn’t go with a bra. But the problem is, using duct tape looks good, but you don’t want to end up with allergy, itching and inflammation.


7.     Not keeping track of your weight

As per research studies, women whose body mass index (BMI) surpasses 25 are considered obese, which increases their chances of developing breast diseases, unlike women with a balanced weight. The risk increases because of the rise in the formation of oestrogen provoked by a higher number of fat cells. In addition, an increased volume of oestrogen increases the growth of the ‘hormone-receptor-positive’ type of breast cancer. Eat healthily while monitoring your weight regularly to avoid obesity and breast ailments.

Is there any other common breast-hurting mistake you know? You may comment about it in the comment section below and we can discuss more. Please browse through our health posts for more life-changing wellness articles.


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