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 Kitchen Items to Look More Beautiful

Did you know that you can use everyday kitchen items to get equally beautiful and healthy glowing skin instead of expensive skincare products?

Kitchen beauty items are so effective many swear by them. So, the next time you need a skin boost, explore your kitchen to find these items below:

1.     Brown Sugar for Scrub

Instead of buying a $65 bottle of brown sugar scrub from Amazon, get the same excellent exfoliation and moisturization from a $1 homemade brown sugar mixed with coconut oil from your kitchen.

2.     Homemade Sugar Wax

Make your own wax at home to save money at the salon by waxing your hairy legs if you want.  Simply heat up sugar to the right consistency and do the waxing.

3.     A Teapot for a Face Steam

With your teapot, you don’t need to spend $100 for an hour-long spa facial that include a steam. Simply place your face over your teapot for the same results.

4.     Honey for Softer Skin

In addition to its multi-purpose use in foods and medicines, you can also apply honey on your face each night before bedtime. Leave it for some time and then wipe it clean to get a much softer and fluffier skin.

5.     Turmeric to Hide Facial Hair

You don’t want facial hair blocking your full skin glow. To avoid manual removal of these hairs, apply turmeric on your face to hide them. Mix it with a little amount of honey or lemon for it to act like a skin-coolant.

6.     Almond Oil for Lips

To enhance the colour of your lips, hydrate and moisturize them, apply drops of almond oil on your lips. First, wipe off all the dead skin from your lips before applying the oil for optimal results.

7.     Yoghurt for Soft Skin

Is your skin increasingly getting drier and feeling rough? Head to your kitchen for a bowl of yoghurt and mix it with either one or two teaspoons of honey or lemon. Smear this mixture on your face evenly and allow it some time to dry. Then, wash it to reveal the brighter and moisturized skin beneath the mixture. A great idea, especially in winter!

8.     Potatoes to Erase Dark Circles

If you have dark and patchy areas on your skin, get the root vegetable, cut it and place it on the affected spot. It’s excellent for use on dark circles under your eyes and underarms. Raw mashed potatoes are great for your face as you can easily apply them evenly.

9.     Coconut Oil for Strong Hair

The secret to having stronger hair is in coconut oil. Simply warm and massage it onto your scalp. The more you apply it, the smoother and glower your skin becomes. Also, adding enough sugar into the oil offers your body the best homemade scrub.

10.  Amazing Milk Bath Recipe

With a few cups of milk in a bath, you’re sure of the ideal soothing and naturally exfoliating effects of a milk bath. It takes just a warm bath of 2 cups of powdered milk or buttermilk, half a cup of sea salt or even Epsom salt and a quarter of a cup of sweet almond oil to enjoy this bath recipe. Always clean the tub before another person uses it.

11.  Green Tea for Glow

Use green tea as a key ingredient to enrich your face packs, brighten and glow your skin. It’s a great way to relax your skin after a long day.

12.  Apple Cider Vinegar for Shiny Locks

Apple cider vinegar is an organic beauty staple that is perfect for adding shine and life back to your limp locks. Use it every day or a couple of times weekly to eliminate product build-up on your hair. Apply it before you shampoo.

13.  Water for Life

Water is not only the best but also the most cost-effective item on this list. Drinking more and more water regularly is the number one way to glow your skin naturally, enhancing your beauty.


Have you learned any new and highly affordable kitchen item beauty tricks after reading this article? You can leave a comment below. Let’s chat.

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