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8 Benefits of Aloe Vera for Your Face and Skin



Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a ‘miracle,’ wonder plant that different civilizations have used for centuries because of its wide-ranging skin care, health, and medicinal benefits. It is a cactus plant which grows in arid climates. The aloe plant leaves house a clear gel with more than 150 different active compounds together with minerals, vitamins, sugars, enzymes, amino acids and salicylic acids. All these components in aloe gel aid not only in boosting immunity and more, but also in improving your face, hair and skin:

Below are a few reasons you should apply Aloe Vera gel on your face, skin, and hair:

1.     It soothes sunburn

If you’re looking for a product with cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, go for Aloe Vera gel. The gel is a perfect natural remedy for sunburn or burnt skin. It provides a protective layer for the skin while also retaining moisture. It is an antioxidant and mineral-rich gel that helps to boost healing. So, get aloe vera to keep your face and skin healthy,  especially in the summer.


2.     Moisturize the skin

Aloe Vera gel is not like the chemical-filled moisturizers we get in the market. No wonder it’s more healthy and effective and doesn’t leave that greasy film you don’t want on your skin or face. Aloe vera gel unclogs your pores, softens and smoothens out the skin.

The gel is also a safe aftershave-treatment because it helps hydrate the skin and heals burns that come from razor and smaller nicks and cuts.

3.     Fights skin-aging

You need vitamin C, E and beta-carotene to fight aging and Aloe Vera has lots of these anti-aging properties. It houses anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. The benefits also include getting rid of skin blemishes and diminishing wrinkles. Besides, the gel helps in the production of collagen in your body and enables skin elasticity as well.

4.     Boosts healing of wounds

Do you have a wound that keeps you wondering when it will heal faster? Know that it’s scientifically established that using Aloe Vera is an effective option to treat cuts, burns, and other injuries. The reason is that it boosts quick wound healing especially for both 1st degree and 2nd-degree burns. It also enhances extremely faster skin cell reproduction. Aloe Vera enters the epidermis (skin outer layer) faster than water.

5.     Helps in hair growth

In addition to regenerating skin cells, Aloe Vera gel helps to activate new hair growth since it enhances blood circulation to the scalp. It’s is also a sources of essential minerals and vitamins. If you need dead skin repair treatment, use Aloe Vera because it contains proteolytic enzymes. So, apply Aloe Vera to remedy scalp problems no matter whether you’re a woman or man.


6.     Reduces infection and acne

Aloe Vera also treats acne and helps in gentle cleansing. If you have pimples, rest assured the gel’s antimicrobial properties will treat them without damaging your skin. Aloe Vera acts as an antiseptic that protects your skin against bacteria. It also contains polysaccharides and gibberellins which boost the generation of new cells and reduction of inflammation and redness. This includes an astringent that decreases the size of pores, flushes out the extra sebum, microbes, and dirt.

7.     Lightens blemishes on the face

Now you already know that Aloe Vera is full of properties that boost skin cell reproduction, limit redness, and combat skin inflammation. Also, using the gel is a natural way to treat stretch marks and acne marks. When it comes to treating freckles and lightening age spots, mix the gel with some lemon juice. It helps your skin to glow.

8. Keeps dandruff at bay

Skin related issues like dry skin, excessively oily skin and fungal infections are problems you can easily handle with Aloe Vera. All these end up causing dandruff. So, embrace the use of Aloe Vera to eliminate dandruff.

The bottom line

Though there are multiple new botanical ingredients for skin care, aloe has a history of popularity dating back centuries ago because of its proven skin benefits and effectiveness.  Just give it a try and have fun with the many benefits!

Feel free to leave a question or comment about your experience with applying Aloe Vera, if you are using it.  



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