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8 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for Your Health


Sugar is bad for your health

Do you remember coming across a child who doesn’t like sugary foods and drinks? Most probably not! No wonder I grew up with a sweet tooth. Thank God I have already worked on the issue. Not everyone craves sugar though. Excess sugar consumption is a serious and unspoken issue you should address personally and as a family because sugar is bad for your health. 

Keep reading to find out some of the secret unhealthy effects of sugar on the body.

1.     Sugar Increases Your Risk of Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Issues

Medically, any foods that affect blood sugar quickly have a high risk of causing diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. One study says there is a connection between high-glycemic diets and numerous forms of cancer. This is due to added sugars in your body. Never forget to read nutrition labels.

2.     Sugar Makes Glucose Levels to Spike and Plummet

If your blood sugar is unstable, you may experience mood swings, headaches and fatigue. The results can also be cravings which induce a cycle of false hunger. On the reverse side, people who stay away from sugar report having less cravings and feel energized and emotionally more stable.

3.     Sugar Can Affect Your Immune Function Negatively

Research shows that sugar can interfere with your body’s ability to fight disease. Sugar acts as food to bacteria and yeast. You don’t want organisms building up and causing infections in your body because of excess sugar.

4.     An Excess Sugary Diet Can Cause Chromium Deficiency

Chromium is a trace mineral that helps in the regulation of your body’s blood sugar. Chromium comes from seafood, meats, and plant foods. Certain carbohydrates also reduce chromium in foods. The Solution? Limit your carbs!

5.     Sugar Causes Tooth Decay

You really have to know that sugar is another cause for basic cosmetic damages like tooth decay. So, reduce your sugar intake and also brush your teeth at least twice every day. That cleans away the plaque and harmful bacteria build up.

6.     Sugar Speeds Up Aging

Apart from troubling your health, sugar can also lead to wrinkles and sagging? When sugar enters your bloodstream, it mixes with proteins. The combination of these proteins with sugar in your system causes your skin’s elasticity to go lose, accelerating aging.

7.     Sugar Can Lead to Gum Disease and Then Heart Disease

According to mounting evidence, chronic infections resulting from dental problems contribute to the development of heart disease or stroke. Most researchers suggest that the connection is as a result of the body’s inflammatory reaction to infection. So just maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you will be okay.

8.     Sugar Affects Cognition in Children

A study found that when New York City public schools limited the sugar content of their lunches and breakfasts, they witnessed a massive increase in their academic ranking from 1.7% to15.7%. In the study, they also eliminated synthetic flavoring, artificial colours and two preservatives.

Now that you understand why sugar is bad for your body and mind, it’s high time you become more health conscious when choosing foods. Begin with learning from my article on Effective Ways to Reduce High Sugar Intake and more. Never forget to read the ingredients labels of convenience and packaged foods; you’d be surprised to find many low carb or “diet” foods with added sugar.

For more life-changing health tips, click on any health category you want on this blog to have fun educating yourself. You may ask any question or write a comment on the comment section below and I will reply eagerly. 


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