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8 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Out of Control

If you have high blood sugar, check out this post to learn about the signs, one after another.

8 Signs which show that Your Blood Sugar Is Out of Control

  1. Feeling Extra Thirsty and Also Urinating More often than usual

This is a common sign of blood sugar though it’s not-so-obvious. This only happens in extremely high blood pressure cases. “Excessive urination, termed polyuria, happens when glucose builds up in your blood which makes your kidney work harder to remove the extra glucose. If your kidneys cannot keep up and adjust blood sugar so that it should return to a normal level, the excess sugar gets flushed out of your body via urine. You may get dehydrated and dizzy.

  1. You Feel Tired Constantly

Fatigue and extreme tiredness are some of the symptoms of uncontrolled blood sugar. “Simply said, if your body is not processing insulin well or its amounts of insulin are not sufficient, the sugar is staying in our blood instead of getting into our cells to be used for energy.

  1. Your body Develops Sores That Heal More Slowly Than Usual

When you have bruises, cuts, scrapes, and other wounds, they heal unusually more slowly due to the presence of uncontrolled blood sugar, says  the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

  1. You Notice Tingling and Numbness in Your Hands or Feet

Uncontrolled blood sugar can lead to nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy) You may notice is a tingling sensation, numbness and pain in your hands and feet.

  1. Noticeably, you have Blurry Vision and Frequent Headaches

Your vision will no longer be as clear as it used to be. So things may appear a bit blurry. Hypertension or high blood sugar levels can result in swollen lenses in your eye from fluid leaking, say researchers.

  1. Your Body is Developing Blisters, Dryness, or Other Skin Changes

Tiny pieces of extra skin, known as skin tags, might form in the creases of skin, particularly if you have diabetes and are trying to find ways to manage your weight. Dark, thick areas of soft skin (known as acanthosis nigricans) may form on the back of the neck or face, hands, armpits, or other areas.

  1. You are Getting Yeast Infections More Often Than Normal

Hyperglycemia may cause more frequent genital yeast infections. This type of yeast (a fungus) is called Candida albican

  1. You are Hungrier Than Usual but Losing Weight

Being hungrier than usual is a sign (polyphagia) that manifest in many people with uncontrolled high blood sugar. And even though you’re eating more, you might be losing weight for apparently no reason.

This happens because instead of getting energy from the preferred source, glucose, your body gets it from your muscles instead. These changes come with weak muscles and therefore frequent falls.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, symptoms in females can include: vaginal itching, redness, pain during sex. It also includes pain or discomfort during urination and thick, abnormal vaginal discharge. More glucose in your body attracts yeast and the yeast feeds off glucose.

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