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Addiction And The Way Out

 Addiction is a psychological and physical inability to stop consuming chemicals, drugs or substances even though it is causing psychological and physical harm to the person involved in such activity.

However, it should be noted that when someone gets addicted he/she cannot stop partaking in the activity or substance to which he/she is engaged in on a daily basis. As such addiction varies from one type to another and can be classified into two categories:-
Substance/chemical addiction here is the use of drugs, substances which go from alcohol, tobacco, opioids.

Behavioural addiction persistent compulsive behaviours which an individual addict carries out even if no real benefit is being offered. Nevertheless, the categorisation of these types of addiction can be looked at in terms of ranking as their causes are almost similar as well their effects to the individual addicts, the ranking goes from the most predominant substances use to the least predominant.

• Tobacco
• Alcohol
• Drugs
• Gambling
• Food
• Sex
• Video games
• Internet
• Shopping
• Addiction to work
• Hereditary addiction is the process of parents passing traits to children
• Environmental addiction has as factors availability of drugs in the community, peer influence, availability of drugs in a person’s
• Social and stressor early exposure to stress is linked to early drugs intake, stress occurring from sexual abuse, physical abuse and academic failure lead to consumption of drugs. Here are common tips on HOW TO FIGHT ADDICTION.

Mayhap addiction can be treated that is it can be fought and prevented from many who are not yet engaged or already engaged in any of the categories above if they are well followed up and identified as potential addicts early enough. Note that detoxification does not treat the condition but it can help people through the withdrawal process safely. Methods of fighting this illness can be in two categories that are by prevention and by treatment.


Carefulness this has to do with peer pressure as this exerts its influence at all ages so people have to do enough to avoid friends who use drugs, or alcohol involved in other behavioural addiction as hanging around with them will lead an individual to do same.
Starting with the consumption of drugs, substances, and any behavioural addiction at an early age are more apt to be addicts later on therefore it is essential for youth to avoid the consumption of substances at an early age and be responsible in our decisions.

Avoid giving up to life easily the inability to deal with the pressures that life brings this can take you down to giving into drugs and alcohol so as to escape this hardship realities so adapting and coping with these pressures will help some not to plunge into addiction
Eat well balance diets and practice a lot of sports these are ways to prevent addiction as they are reliable methods to fight stress that leads to addiction.


Therapy it aims at paying attention to the thoughts and emotions that cause stress and learning how to reframe from them.
Medication helps people not to fall back especially those involved in alcoholic, nicotine and opioids.
Support groups; they rely on self-help treatment methods from anonymous groups as they support themselves with others needy of recovering and working towards it.

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