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Arthritis and the Top 5 Best and Worst Foods to Manage the Pain


Arthritis Pain and Foods

As we all await a cure for arthritis from medical scientists, people with arthritis continue to pursue a variety of safe treatments for the condition. These treatments include avoiding all foods that trigger or increase joint pain and consuming those that reduce it.

 Keep reading to explore the five best and worst foods people suffering from arthritis and joint pain should know: 

5 Top best Foods to Manage Arthritis Pain


Eating nuts nourishes the body with proteins. It’s a go-to source of proteins for vegetarians. Nuts are also packed with vitamin-E, magnesium, zinc and alpha-linolenic acid, an immune booster that is great for joints.


Eating beans nourishes the body with protein and fiber. It’s a perfect replacement for many of those junk or filer foods that aggravate joint pain and its other complications. Beans contain folic acid, potassium, zinc and iron, which boost the immune system, making infections, including arthritis, hard to come.

Garlic & Onions 

These are great sources of powerful properties that enhance the immune system. According to studies, these ancient superfoods (allium family) help regular consumers get fewer symptoms of osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Green Tea

The popularity of green tea is thanks to the health benefits it has been offering its lovers for centuries. But besides, this tea possesses potent properties that can effectively fight against arthritic conditions. Its powerful content, such as antioxidants and polyphenols are a great way to lower inflammation and slow down cartilage deterioration.

 Citrus Fruit

 Fruits such as sweets and refreshing oranges, grapefruits, limes and lemons are both delicious and valuable allies in the battle against joint pain. Apart from having vitamin C, a life-saving nutrient, these fruits are a healthy substitute for sweets.

 5 Top Worst Foods to Manage Arthritis Pain


It’s for a good reason that avoiding gluten has become a health trend. One of such reasons is that celiac disease is linked to rheumatoid arthritis. According to the Oxford Journal of Rheumatology article on a recent study, 41 percent of people with rheumatoid arthritis who consume only gluten-free diets experienced significant improvement.  

Refined Carbs & White Sugar

We all know the bad image simple carbs and refined sugar have earned themselves over the past few years. They are nothing but nutrient-free toxins with almost no use for the body. Someone with arthritis doesn’t need foods that exacerbate inflammation, such as refined carbs & white sugar.

Trans Fats 

Anything that can trigger or aggravate inflammation should be a NO to anyone with arthritis. Trans fats are among them and should be avoided, coupled with their potential to cause heart diseases. Sources of trans fats are mostly processed foods such as crackers, cookies, doughnuts and fast foods. Labels with the words “partially hydrogenated vegetable oils” indicate the presence of trans fats. 

Processed & Fried Foods

Eating foods with their nutrients intact is super healthy. Unfortunately, the same isn’t true for fried foods whose nutrients are mostly highly or totally destroyed. They also possess many known carcinogens and many heavily processed ingredients, which can lead to inflammation by triggering the body’s defence mechanisms and setting up an arthritic flare-up.

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