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Beetroot Juice for Sickle Cell Anemia

Beetroot especially the juice is possibly the best natural remedy for anemia. It is full of excellent cleansing properties thanks to its high iron content that restores red blood cells while supplying oxygen and increasing the patient’s blood count.

Being a valuable source of iron, beets are a superb natural means of reversing Sickle Cell anemia.

What is Iron-Deficiency Anemia?

It is a condition in which the amount of red blood cells in the blood is low, therefore causing a low blood count. It happens due to red blood cells not containing adequate hemoglobin, an iron-rich protein that causes blood to become red in color.

How can beetroot help anemia patients?

Beetroot does a great job in fighting anemia. Its high levels of iron help to elevate the production of red blood cells which in turn raises the supply of oxygen to some other parts of your body. If you include beetroot in your daily diet, there would an increase in your hemoglobin levels as well as your red blood cells. Apart from consuming beetroot, try taking apples, raspberries, folic acid, or molasses fresh juices to improve iron levels in your body.

People with Sickle Cell anemia are known for often feeling dizzy, fatigue, headaches, having shortness of breath, a rapid heart rate, and lack of appetite. Beetroot juice vitamins, iron, and minerals help in treating anemia.

Beet leaves also help in treating people with liver and spleen diseases. Taking beetroot helps to repair and reactivate your red blood cells. It also helps to raise the supply of oxygen to your body. The most impactful means of consuming beetroot to help with Sickle Cell anemia is when you juice it. Consider combining beets and carrots to naturally increase your iron levels or mix with oranges for some vitamin C.

Additionally, green leafy vegetables also have rich iron content.

How to check if you’re iron deficient

Beeturia refers to the appearance of that red or pink colour in your urine or poop after you eat or drink beetroot juice. Don’t mind, such a colour is harmless and disappears after some time. If the colour continues, then know that you could be iron deficient. This indicates that instead of absorbing the nutrients, your colon is passing them out as waste.

Anemia is an iron deficiency condition which can be treated if you consume foods which are rich in iron. You need to be very careful with the approach you apply in treating anemia, if not so, the treatment can instead lead to severe anemia. Such anemia will be capable of damaging your brain, heart, and other fundamental organs or even be fatal.

Even though certain types of anemia such as leukemia and sickle cell anemia are inherited, consuming beets or other iron-rich foods like leafy green vegetables and fruits can increase red blood cells in your body. This will also mean an increase in hemoglobin in your body and oxygen. Making sure you get your iron levels checked is also a great way to keep the harsh impact of anemia away.

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