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Benefits of Coconut Oil You Should Know


Coconut Oil

Have you noticed that almost everyone has been talking about coconut oil lately? No wonder it’s in most people’s smoothies, frying pans, hair and even in that little jar on the nightstand. Why the sudden turn towards coconut oil? Well, the answer is, coconut oil offers many surprising benefits for the body, mind, and other productive uses. Hey! Know that this is not a marketing spin but research-backed information.

Check out some essential health benefits of coconut oil:

1.     May boost fat/calorie burning

Coconut oil has high amounts of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), a form of saturated fat.

Some scientific evidence shows that taking in MCTs may help increase the number of calories your body burns, therefore promoting weight loss

2.     A rapid source of energy supply

The high volume of MCTs in coconut oil supplies your body with energy after it passés through your liver. No wonder MCTs gets added to sports nutrition products for athletes. The way your body metabolizes MCTs is different from LCTs. MCTs is a much quicker energy source that your body absorbs and uses faster compared to other types of saturated fat

3.     May help curb hunger

The MCTs in the oil may help you cut down your food intake by decreasing appetite, thanks to ketones in the mix. They act directly on the brain’s chemical messengers or alter your hunger-inducing hormones levels.

4.     It May have antimicrobial effects

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which may be why it is rich in antimicrobial and antifungal properties. These properties are potent in combating different harmful microorganisms.

5.     May boost skin health

Apart from food-related benefits, coconut oil is excellent for cosmetic purposes. It enhances your health and skin appearance.

It may also moisturize your skin and lessen the harshness of mild to moderate symptoms of atopic dermatitis, which is a chronic and inflammatory skin disease that also weakens your skin barrier function.

6.     May protect your hair

Another non-eating advantage of using choosing coconut oil is its ability to remedy hair damage.

Coconut oil may help add more strength to your hair by nourishing it, increasing flexibility and limiting your hair strand breakage.

7.     May help reduce seizures

MCTs in coconut oil can increase blood ketone concentrations. This may reduce seizure frequency. That is what prompts people to use keto diets (deficient in carbs and high in fats) for the treatment of disorders since they contain MCTs, for example, drug-resistant epilepsy

8.     May improve oral health

According to evidence, coconut oil is a great natural mouthwash product in what is called oil pulling. This cost-effective method of oral hygiene is worth it as the oil may reduce harmful bacteria in your mouth, thanks to its lauric acid content.

9.     It May help reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

Many cases of Alzheimer’s disease end up in dementia. The large presence of MCTs in coconut oil considerably increases blood levels of ketones, which may potentially fight to reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. However, more studies are needed.

10.  A good antioxidant source

Coconut oil is a powerful source of antioxidants that provides anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and brain-protective effects.

It helps your body to neutralize damaging molecules called free radicals as well to protect it from different chronic and degenerative diseases

11.  Improve Liver Health

Results from animal research showed that the saturated fats in coconut oil are potent enough to help protect your liver from alcohol or toxin exposure-induced damage.

12.  Soothe chapped lips

Coconut oil properties make it an ideal natural lip balm.

Applying the gliding oil to your lips leaves them moist for hours, including its sun protection capability.

13.  Make Healthy Mayonnaise

Though commercial mayonnaise is often made of soybean oil and added sugar, you can easily make your own mayonnaise using coconut oil or olive oil. Coconut oil is also a healthy fat for homemade mayonnaise.

The Bottom Line

Apart from the enormous health benefits coconut oil offers, you can also get many other practical solutions.

Remember always to have ample amounts of coconut oil at home. You might need it when you least expect it.

 Are you using coconut oil? Please feel free to share with us how you are using it.







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