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Benefits of Juicing for Health and Fertility


Benefits of Juicing for Fertility

Juicing is among the healthiest ways to detox and nourish your body with the key nutrients it needs to help you get healthy conception and pregnancy. 

Juicing also adds minerals, vitamins and live enzymes to your diet since it involves consuming whole raw foods such vegetables and fruits. With a good juicer, you’re good to go!

The Benefits of Juicing for your fertility

Here are the benefits you get when you consume your organic/natural raw juiced fruits and vegetables daily. Just ensure that you wash them before juicing and if they are organic, you can juice without pealing.

1. Juicing supports healthy sperm and egg production:  Juicing is the easiest way to consume the required minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes your body uses to build healthy cells.

2. Immune system support. A strong immune system is the best thing your body needs, especially before getting pregnant. It is vital to those suffering from conditions like endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

3. Fresh produce improves fertile cervical mucus and spermatic fluid quality: If you want the quality of your fertile cervical mucus increased, juice regularly. The same applies to men’s quality of spermatic fluids.

4. Gentle detox: Despite not detoxing your body as fertility cleanse would, juicing fruits and vegetables is a safe and great way to support your skin, liver and kidney. Juicing improves eliminatory organ function, thanks to key nutrients the recipes provide the body.

5. Healthy form of hydration: A well hydrated body improves overall health and also generates adequate and quality cervical mucus and sperms. The water content of juiced fruits and vegetables is a great source of hydration.

6. Varieties of fruits and vegetables in one glass:  No need to choke yourself with different fruits and vegetables as you chew and deal with the various tastes and textures while chewing and swallowing.  With juicing, you get all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes in one sip without losing any micronutrients like in normal cooking processes.


5 Juicing for Fertility Recipes

·       Cucumber/celery/apple/carrot

·       Apple/celery/spinach/ginger

·       Carrot/ginger

·       Pineapple/strawberry/spinach

·       Cucumber/spinach/celery/apple

Note: Your juice quantity should depend on the size of your fruits and vegetables. At least an 8 oz. glass per person is enough.

Run all the fruits and veggies through your juicer and drink the juice right away for the recipe. Waiting for more than 20 minutes before drinking the juice means you will miss the benefit of the enzymes.

Join the 30 Days Challenge!

One of the best juicing fertility plan you can adopt is to start the 30 days challenge. It’s simple and effective if you get the right guidance. It requires you and your spouse to simply drink an 8 oz. juice each every day for 30 days uninterrupted. Drinking these different juice types daily helps boost both female and male fertility. It’s a healthy fertility treatment worth trying and I can guide you to enjoy the program and get pregnant soon!

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