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Can Weight Loss Treat Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile Dysfunction

It’s time to invest in losing that extra body weight in order to restore your sexual health.

If you love food so much, know that getting rid of unwanted kgs doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your favorite foods. It simply means eating a balanced diet while avoiding most processed and junk foods.

If you’re a man with erectile dysfunction (weak erection), know that your weight gain may be the cause. Do you know why even after using effective home remedies or medical treatments, some men may still have erectile dysfunction?

Why erectile dysfunction medication may not have worked for you

The reason is that you may be overweight or obese. Check your weight, right now! If you’re a woman, check your man’s weight. But, don’t confuse being overweight with a well-built body. Nurturing muscles naturally, is great for your health and sexual health.


Weight gain and obesity raise the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes which are some of the conditions that prevent enough blood flow to the penis for an erection to happen.  Weight gain means having excess fat which usually interferes with several sex-related hormones such as testosterone in men.


As many as 30 million men in America can no longer achieve or maintain an erection. That’s a shockingly high number.


In one study conducted on the connection between weight loss and erectile dysfunction, 30% of the male participants reported regaining their normal sexual function after losing weight. The men also experienced reduced inflammatory and oxidative markers, which also help boost the ability to achieve or maintain an erection.


The study also revealed that men don’t necessarily have to go to extremes before they can lose weight to cure their problem of weak erection or impotency. Participants simply ate 300 fewer calories each day, drank slimming tea and exercised over the course of the week. Eating less and exercising more is the best way to lose those extra kgs and belly fat.


The benefit of losing weight is two-fold

When you cut down your weight, your physical health also improves tremendously. For example, conditions that provoke high blood pressure which causes erectile dysfunction will reduce or disappear once you drop a significant chunk of that body mass. Eating a healthier diet helps to prevent your arteries from further narrowing and blockages, allowing blood to travel to your penis more efficiently.


Women may not know this, but losing weight (not muscles) helps men feel more confident as it increases their self-esteem. When a man feels and looks their best, it’s much easier not to feel anxious in the bedroom. Feeling good about your body size or self-image can work wonders when it comes to psychological readiness, sexual stamina and performance.


Some of the proven ways men can lose fat are:


·         Drinking slimming tea

·         Eating a balanced diet, for example, lean proteins, vegetables, whole grains and fruits

·         Drinking a lot of water, as water increases lipolysis and helps you lose fat according to medical studies

·         Replacing sugary drinks with low calorie/low sugar options

·         Exercising at your capacity more often. This can include cardiovascular exercises, resistance training, and stretching


The size of your body matters, so become slim again and stay slim. That way, you will be healthier and energetic enough to handle your bedroom affairs excellently, in terms of healthy sperms, stamina and performance.    

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