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Effective Ways to Reduce High Sugar Intake

Reduce Sugar Intake

High sugar intake causes a host of health problems, including; weight gain, higher blood pressure, inflammation, diabetes, fatty liver disease, increased risk of heart attack and stroke. When my husband and I first got married, I never saw my husband drink water for the first four years of our marriage. All I saw him drink was coke. Though I pleaded with him that this was bad for his health, my pleas fell on deaf ears! Sure enough, a few years later, he was diagnosed with diabetes, and we’ve been dealing with that ever since.

My husband and I have now tried to find ways to drastically reduce sugar in our diet in a quest for a healthier body.

Here are some things we have done to reduce sugar in our diet:

1.      We have Eliminated Sugary Drinks

My husband still has soda cravings, so instead of drinking pop filled with sugar, he now uses a soda stream to make fizzy water and drinks that include a dash of lemon or apple cider vinegar. This has reduced his sugar intake significantly.

2.      We Avoid Sugary Deserts

Opt for healthier desserts like nuts, plain yoghurt sweetened with a bit of fruit, one serving of fruit, dark chocolate. We throw in nuts, seeds and yoghurt in our smoothies for a fuller feeling.

3.      We Make Our Sauces from Scratch.

Store-bought sauces usually have added sugar, so we make ours from scratch. That way, we can be sure about what goes into our bodies.

4.      We Have Increased Our Intake of Good Fats and Proteins

Olive oil, avocado, coconut oil, whole milk, eggs and full-fat yoghurt will leave you feeling fuller longer than foods with reduced fat that are likely loaded with sugar and keep you from unnecessary snacking. Rather than using coffee creamer, use a tablespoon of coconut oil in your coffee and see the difference. It’s yummy, and it’s good for your health. I also eat avocado and eggs with almost every meal. This way, I don’t need to snack.

5.      We Eat Unprocessed and Unrefined Foods

Try to cook foods from scratch and eat foods closer to their natural state. Processed and refined foods are usually loaded with lots of sugar and or ingredients that are unhealthy for us.


6.      We Read Every Label and Check for Sugar an Canned Foods

If you take time to read labels, you’d be shocked at what’s included in the things we buy from the store. I wouldn’t eat anything with names of ingredients I can’t pronounce.

7.      We Avoid Processed Snacks

Instead try healthy low sugar snacks like nuts, seeds, no-sugar-added jerky (I make my jerky myself), hard-boiled eggs( I eat two each morning), fresh fruit( one serving daily), as fruit also contains sugar. It’s best to limit how much we eat.

8.   We Make Our Own Fruit Popsicles

 Instead of buying ice cream, make your own fruit popsicles or ice cream so you can control how much sugar goes in there.

9.  We Have Cut Down on Starchy and Sugary Breakfast

Foods like pancakes, cereals, muffins and granola bars are bad for you. Opt for a healthy breakfast like oatmeal and yoghurt sweetened with fresh fruit and nuts, scrambled eggs with cheese, vegetables and avocados. Eating a lot of protein and fibre-rich foods for breakfast will keep you fuller, longer, and prevent you from unnecessary snacking.

What do you do to reduce your sugar intake? Please tell me in the comments below.​​

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