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Breakfast they say is the most important meal of the day. It provides us with the required sustenance and energy for us high achieving type A individuals to tackle the daily tasks ahead of us.


A healthy breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and helps us both calories throughout the day. A balanced breakfast helps to replenish the blood sugar our muscles and brain need to function and provides us a chance to get a portion of the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals our body needs to stay healthy.


Various studies have shown that people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight as they consume more unhealthy snacks over the day. However if like me you can be classified as a foodlum, you probably do not care about medical studies regarding food and just want to get straight to the eating.


While eating breakfast is important, the type of breakfast also matters. A heavy breakfast that will make you sluggish is bad but having just a cup of coffee or tea is also not ideal. A healthy breakfast contains a balanced mix of carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats and Fibre. So without further ado my fellow foodies, I present my top favorite healthy breakfast ideas.



A smoothie? Really?  Yes, a smoothie. I understand your doubts but smoothies make a very healthy breakfast. It’s all about what you put in it and the quantities. A smoothie also has the added benefit of being easy to prep and quick to make, perfect for early workers.

A good nutritious smoothie starts with your favorite fruit or vegetable. Frozen fruits are best because they give your smoothie a nice thick consistency. A tablespoon of your favorite nut butter, be it peanut our cashew butter, provides your healthy fats and a nice Greek or non fat yogurt gives you a nice supply of proteins. You use low sugar juice, your favorite milk or even water for your liquid, zap in your high powered blender and voila, your fresh, creamy, nutritious and delicious breakfast smoothie is good to go. Pour in a travel cup and you have for breakfast on the go.


P. S. Smoothies are a great way to get your kids to take spinach and kale. it take themb from yucky to yummy.



As most breakfasts include bread, one way to make eating bread a little more fun is to make it into a variety of sandwiches. From a peanut butter and banana sandwich for the kids to a toasted egg and sardine sandwich for your mum, sandwiches make a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

A personal favorite of mine is an avocado and boiled egg sandwich. Whether I choose to mash them together with a bit of mayonnaise or butter and some spices or just laying them sliced on bread, I still enjoy my meal with a steaming cup of tea or a chilled glass of my favorite juice.

Tip: To make it even healthier, lightly toast the bread in a toaster or over a fire in a non stick pan.





Nine out of ten people will tell you that eggs are a major part of their breakfast meal, be it scrambled, boiled, poached, sunny side up or an omelette, we all enjoy eggs.

I particularly enjoy my eggs loaded with veggies for that extra flavor and nutrition. A little bit of tomatoes, fresh pepper, bell peppers, onions, carrots and even some spinach if I am feeling frisky, makes my eggs extra healthy and extremely delicious. You can cut them up straight into the egg mixture and fry if you like them crunchy or saute then lightly before adding the eggs but either way I can guarantee a healthy, nutritious and very delicious breakfast.



Hmmm… . Pancakes, that yummy mixture of flour, eggs, milk and fats that everybody loves so much. Pancakes as a breakfast gives you that healthy combination of carbs, proteins and fats which you need to jump-start your system for a productive day. As an added bonus it can be made with ingredients always available in the kitchen and is easy to prep.

For an extra healthy recipe, replace the flour with bananas and add a few spoons of oats. But whatever you decide to experiment or stick with tradition, pancakes will always be a healthy breakfast option.


5.    AFRICAN CORN PUDDING(Ogi/ Akamu/ Pap)

Ogi or Akamu is a African staple made from fermented grains such as corn, Mikey or sorghum. It is a very healthy meal and can be eaten with fried bean cakes (akara) or steamed bean pudding(moi moi). Ogi can also be eaten with your favorite condensed or evaporated milk and your favorite fruit cut up in it for a slightly continental feel.

Any which way you choose to enjoy your Ogi, be rest assured that you are getting a highly nutritious breakfast.


Breakfast can vary from place to place but a healthy nutritious breakfast is universal.

Share with us your favorite healthy breakfast treats and feel free to try ours. Eat a healthy breakfast and start your day right.


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