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Fertility Foods: 5 Juicing for Fertility Tips

One interesting thing about fertility foods is that they may not be tasteful especially the juice. However, fertility foods are generally delicious and healthy.

A good example is liquefied veggies, as they are fine fertility foods. Apart from opposition from some fertility acupuncturists that instruct their patients to exclude all cold beverages, a majority of holistic infertility experts approve of the necessity of juicing for you.

And as with everything else, juicing could have a downside.

Thanks to one of the recently pregnant women in our community, I realized we could utilize a small review of juicing as guidelines for fertility. Remember that all juices are not the same and therefore, certain mixtures of fruits and vegetables might not be useful to your body.

Some women boost their fertility with a daily juice intake that comprises a spinach cucumber combo.

However, what I imagine is a less than appetizing taste, from juicing a half glassful of spinach juice which may not be perfect for a developing fetus and its mom.

Note that spinach is a wonderful, nutrient dense vegetable that contains high levels of iron, vitamin C, carotenes and folic acid. Also, spinach is also one of the vegetables with the highest amount of oxalic acid. When it is combined with calcium, oxalates (oxalic acids) create calcium oxalate which is difficult to assimilate and can as well form kidney stones.

A few quick juicing for fertility tips

Check out some of the few quick juicing for fertility tips you should learn:

  1. Add at least about 4 to 5 varieties of vegetables to your juice.
  2. Rotate the green leafy veggies, particularly if you include high oxalic greens like spinach. Greens with lower oxalic acid are arugula and lettuce.
  3. You can as well add some lemon and green apple to lessen the bitterness of greens, but definitely, the fruit will naturally increase the sugar content of the juice. The relationship between sugar and impaired ovarian function is well documented.
  4. Women who are trying to conceive should keep their key organs in the best shape, for example, the thyroid. Since lots of holistic experts commend juicing just about everything, including goitrogenic foods like brocoli, chard, cauliflower, etc.) quite indiscriminately, a lot of my clients place unnecessary stress on their thyroid. If you consider juicing goitrogenic vegetables, steam them slightly to neutralize the goitrogenic effect.
  5. Besides juicing, drink lots of water during the day to help in supporting kidney flushing.

Green Lemonade Cleansing Cocktail from The Fertile Female


1 lemon

6 or more dark green lettuce leaves

2 celery stalks

1  green apple

1/2 cucumber with skin

 When it comes to macrobiotics, celery and carrot are excellent for treating ovulation irregularities. So when juicing, don’t forget to creatively add in some carrots, beets and them rotate, rotate, rotate your vegetables.

Now tell me! Are you juicing? What combo is your favorite?


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