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Regular exercise is one of the best things I’ve can do for one’s health and overall well-being. However, starting a new exercise and fitness routine and arranging it to suit your daily schedule can be a tasking process. It requires consistency, a lot of determination and no small amount of Discipline.

Last time, we talked about the benefits of exercise, this ride, we will talk about a few fitness tips for our newbies in the exercise world.


1.    Check your health

Before starting any fitness regimen, consult your doctor and get a full medical examination. Check your weight, BMI and check for any underlying health issues that could put you at risk during exercise.


2.    Set clear and realistic goals

Let’s be honest, most is us expect to start exercising and lose a lot of weight in a few days, but that’s not true. Try to create a plan that includes realistic and attainable goals set a smaller goal that leads to your ultimate goal.


3.    Be Consistent

Results will only come if you are consistent and stick with your routine. Make it a daily habit. If you are supposed to go for a run at 6 am, go for your run at 6 am. Avoid starting and stopping.


4.    Start Slow

It takes a while for your body to get used to strenuous exercise, especially if you are not very active. Start with smaller sets of exercise and short ribs frames and increase over time. Increase the amount is the exercise you do by no more than 10% each week.


5.    Always warm up and cool down.

A proper warm-up before starting your workout is important as it gets your body ready and reduces the risk of injury. Take time to stretch before and after your workout.


6.    Stay Hydrated

Ensure to replenish lost fluids during exercise. Carry a water bottle as staying hydrated during exercise is essential for maintaining optimal performance.


7.    Stop when you start feeling discomfort or pain

For beginners, it is normal to feel short of breath, tiredness and a little aching muscles during and even after exercise. However, if you start to feel extreme discomfort or pain during exercise, please stop and see your doctor. Do not attempt to go harder or faster, as that will only cause more injury.


8.    Have a fitness partner

Having a fitness buddy will not only keep you motivated during your exercise session, but they will also keep you accountable and consistent.


9.    Optimize your Nutrition

Always make sure to eat and keep a balanced diet. It is important to eat, especially before your exercise, to sustain healthy energy levels and get the best out of your workout.


10.  Have Fun

Keep things interesting by telling new exercises. Do not see your fitness as work but as a means of self-care. Just have fun with it.


Here are a few tips we have for beginners. Do you have anything that isn’t on this article? If you do, please feel free to share. We would be pleased to hear from you.

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