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Fresh Vegetable Juice for Optimum Fertility

Homemade vegetable juice is popular among people who value their health though everybody knows that recipe has many health benefits. Let’s see the interesting facts that make fresh veggie juice so healthy:

Vegetable Juice Benefits

  • The juice contains adequate minerals and nutrients that can help to remove toxic waste and boost the immune system.
  • They have minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, phosphorus, zinc, iron boron, and selenium which can help eliminate toxins which are found in high amounts in fresh organic veggies.
  • Organic sulphur compounds help in the destruction of poisonous chemicals and cleansing of your bloodstream and liver.
  • The plant molecules that give fruits and vegetables their color as well as the carotonoids  and flavonoids (Polyphenols) serve as powerful antioxidants.
  • Vitamin C and E help to reduce oxidative stress.
  • There is no added sugar

When you consume organic vegetables and fruits, you are sure that they have zero preservatives, pesticides, artificial colors, heavy metals, or moulds.

Creating Your Own Vegetable Juice Recipe

Preferably when you prepare your own juices, you want to put in veggies in higher quantities together with only 1 piece of fruit for each glass per person.

Taking fruits without their fiber is just ‘simple sugars’ which affect blood sugar levels severely.

Begin with easy-to-digest juice like cucumber, celery and fennel (anise). Though they are not as nutritionally dense as other veggies, they can be a perfect starting platform to familiarize your taste buds and you can build on them well ahead.

Your dark green leafy vegetables contain lots of wonderful phyto-nutrients, which enable and boost digestion and liver function. When you begin feeling at ease with the concept of adding new vegetables, start introducing the following: Endive, green leaf lettuce, escarole, romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce, and spinach.

You can try: Cabbage, chinese cabbage and bok choy

Cabbage is among the most effective healing remedies for gastric ulcers. The cabagge family performs well in balancing hormones. It is particularly helpful as well when it comes to oestrogen dominant conditions. WARNING: Women who suffer from thyroid dysfunction need to stay away from it because of its potentially goitrogenic impact.

Innovate with Ingredients and Taste Combinations

You can also start adding herbs and spices to your mix. They also possess magnificent healing properties! Try parsley, coriander, ginger, garlic, turmeric root, (great for the heart health and immune system)

Bitter veggies are great for better digestion and liver function, which in turn boost hormonal balance and general health. Add 1 or 2 bitter vegetable leaves: Kale, dandelion greens, mustard greens, collard greens, (but use these veggies only if you don’t have any suspicion of suffering from thyroid problems or low body basal temperature as per your fertility charts) — anything exceedingly bitter.

Creating a Balanced Meal from Vegetable Juice

Add in a raw fat and protein source to also have your juice as a meal. Include recommended sources of good fat for improving fertility such as raw organic sheep’s or goat’s cream/yogurt, coconut butter, fresh raw biodynamic eggs, freshly ground flax seeds or choose pumpkin seeds (use a coffee grinder).

One other reason why adding oil (fat) to your veggie juice may be useful is that fat can help you to absorb the vitamin K (and other fat soluble vitamins A,D,E) very well. Vitamin K is so essential for gluing the calcium into your bones. This is super important during pregnancy. In addition, new research suggests that vitamin K reduces calcification in the arteries significantly.

Give juicing a try!




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