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How does stopping smoking help your overall health and blood pressure?

Stopping smoking is among the best decisions a smoker can take and implement for their overall health and blood pressure.


How does smoking affect your health and your blood pressure?


Every cigarette you smoke triggers a temporary rise in blood pressure. Smoking destroys the walls of your blood vessels, and this leads to atherosclerosis, where fat is deposited in your arteries walls, causing the arteries to become narrower. It also makes it easier for your blood to clot, forcing your heart to work harder. Changes like these can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

High blood pressure/hypertension also causes the arteries to narrow. So if you have high blood pressure and you smoke, the process occurs much faster. This dramatically raises your risk of developing a heart attack or stroke.

Smoking also has a very well-known effect on your lungs, stomach, throat and skin, mouth, causing cancer and pre-mature aging, and can even affect your bones as well as your reproductive system.

How does stopping smoking help your overall health and blood pressure?

Quitting smoking brings health benefits straight away; irrespective of how long you’ve smoked. You will reduce your risk of disease, feel fitter, breathe more easily, and have a better sense of taste.


Getting help to quit

You are four times more likely to succeed in quitting smoking if you get support. Many people have tried to quit but have never and one of the reasons they fail is lack of support from a professional such as a Stop Smoking Adviser.

Your practice nurse can assist you by referring you to a stop smoking adviser. Such a professional can help you with an action plan and discuss with you about safe products that could help curb your cravings.

Also, check in your country and you may probably find free, local, Stop Smoking Services. There, you can have face-to-face appointments, phone or online chats. Such centers offer advice on products and Quit Kits, mobile phone apps, email and impactful text support information.

Yes, You Can Do It!

If you want to save your health from the toxicity of cigarette smoke and the many diseases that it triggers, quit smoking at all costs. It is not an easy decision since it is an addiction, but it is possible and many people have succeeded to stop smoking. So, you can do it too. Stand your plan now and get support.


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