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How to Heal Your Gut Naturally and the Importance of Gut Health


Heal Your Gut Naturally 

Did you know that improving your gut health is fundamental to your overall health? If you paid more attention, you would have noticed that the wellness industry has paid more focus on improving gut health in the last couple of years. This includes everything gut-related, from weight loss to stress levels. Factors like diet, food intolerances, hormones, lifestyle, stress, sleep, and especially medications affect how your body digests and discharges what you eat and drink.

Keep on reading to get my top tips on the best natural ways to heal your gut naturally.

1.      Exclude Processed and Inflammatory Foods from your Diet

It’s time you transition to whole foods and a nutrient-dense diet. Recognize and get rid of inflammatory foods such as gluten and dairy. You can identify foods that cause inflammation via an elimination diet or food sensitivity testing.

2. Detoxify While Maintaining Properly Functioning Detoxification Organs

Consume green vegetables regularly. They are full of living phytonutrients and are extremely alkalizing. This helps to cleanse, heal, nourish and assist your body to detoxify.

Begin your detox plan, ensuring that your detoxification organs are healthy enough to release toxins effectively. This is because a leaky gut or slow bowel transit can hold toxins much longer and cause the reabsorption of released toxins into your body.

3. Add Fermentable Fibers

Consume much of fermentable fibres since they are rich in foods like artichoke, garlic, onions, and plantains. The fibres enable the growth of useful gut bacteria and assist in healing leaky gut.

4. Add Fermented Foods

The probiotics found in fermented foods help in restoring a healthy gut microbiota and intestinal barrier. So eat probiotic-rich foods like unpasteurized sauerkraut, kombucha, yogurt, kimchi and kefir. However, if you experience histamine intolerance, lessen the consumption.

5. Get Healthy Sleep Habits

Maintain high-quality sleep of between seven and eight hours a night to improve your gut health. I advise that you embrace sleep hygiene practices like following a regular sleep schedule and staying away from blue light exposure at night. You can use blue-light-blocking glasses to reduce blue light exposure.

6. Develop an Exercise Routine

In addition to all other natural gut treatments, you take, develop a sustainable exercise routine to keep your gut microbes in shape. I’m not an endurance athlete, but if you are one, getting additional gut support to mitigate the negative effects of regular endurance exercise on your gut microbiota is important.

Why is Gut Health Important to You?

“The gut plays an important role in our body health and well-being,” says Alicia Romano, a Tufts Medical Center specialist clinical dietitian in Boston, USA. Besides food digestion and absorption of nutrients, the gut maintains tight links with the brain regarding immune activity, fluid secretion, and GI muscle contractions. The gut is a principal player in the body’s immune system as it hosts 70% of your immune cells.

Never underestimate the importance of a healthy gut. A gut is a home to trillions of bacteria and human cells that keep you fit and healthy. If you experience symptoms like abnormal weight loss, change/pain in your bowels, anaemia diagnosed by your doctor, and rectal bleeding, consult your doctor because it may signal that your gut has a problem.







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