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How to Know When You Have a Weakened Immune System


Weakened Immune System

Thanks to the immune system, our bodies are naturally protective and defensive against bacterial, viral, fungal or protozoan attacks, including deadly pathogens. The immune system helps identify and neutralize the harmful pathogens in the body, making it more defensive and stronger.

Let’s explore these 6 warning symptoms of a weakened immune system:

Slow Healing of Wounds

It is thanks to the immune response that wounds inflame to prevent infections. This gives way to new cells to form over a wound alongside scar tissue which heals the wound. But weakened immune health will handicap the natural regeneration of new cells, preventing wounds from healing.

Solution: A balanced intake of Vitamin D, C, and zinc generate potent wound healing properties. The vitamins above supply collagen, which the body needs.

Persistent Digestive Disorders

Are you surprised to learn that the gut houses up to 70% of the immune system? The bacteria in the gut is there to fight against pathogens and promote immune health. The presence of gut bacteria helps enhance the growth of T- cells or army cells. These cells help to distinguish self and non-self cells and tis­sues.

Solution: Avoid processed, saturated fats plus artificial sugar to avoid stomach ailments.

Go for fibre, proteinaceous, and nutrient-rich diets as they help good bacteria grow.

Severe Fatigue

Have you been experiencing unexplained fatigue and worsening exhaustion after having enough sleep? If yes, it’s an indication of something acute.  Considering that the immune system is directly proportional to the energy level, your body has to develop such fatigue and exhaustion. This happens when it works to conserve energy to fuel the immune system when it battles with pathogens.

Solution: Try yoga and exercise to open your heart and enhance the blood flow around your body. Such physical activities help to strengthen our nervous system and stimulate the thyroid gland, which gets rid of fatigue and exhaustion.

Frequent Cold

Research shows that adults on average develop up to two or three cases of cold yearly. Having frequent bouts of cold is linked to a weakened immune system. Your lifestyle, hygiene practices or to be more particular, chronic nicotine addiction can affect the cells of your immune system. This may damage the tiny little hairs of the respiratory tract which usually assist in getting rid of mucus and debris that bring in germs. Secondly, with insufficient hygiene practices, you create an environment that breeds recurrent infections such as cold.

Solution: Stick to strict hygiene practices and never compromise about it to keep your immunity healthy.

Anxiety and Stress

Did you know that both stress and anxiety can provoke your body to release corticosteroids that suppress your immune system’s potency or effectiveness? It does that by lowering the lymphocyte volume of our body. However, such a condition can push you to switch to smoking as a coping technique.

Solution: The best way out of severe stress is to visit a psychiatrist for help.

Emotional and social support from your family and friends can lead to recovery. Most importantly, eating a balanced diet and following a healthy lifestyle, including yoga and exercise, work perfectly well.

Another solution is to live by the fun fact that “Laughter is the best medicine.” Laughter helps relax the endothelium of blood vessels to expand, hence increasing blood flow and improving your immune health.



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