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How to Naturally Remove Mucus and Phlegm From Your Throat

Mucus or phlegm is nasty and unpleasant. It can sometimes stay in you longer than expected. Fortunately, there are several ways you get rid of it. For example, coughing to clear it from your throat or gargling with warm water and salt. Also, you can drink plenty of water and switch to diets that don’t increase mucus.

Luckily, there are lots of ways you can get rid of mucus and phlegm in your throat. Begin by providing basic throat and mucus care. If this fails to work, consider trying herbal foods and other natural remedies.

  1. Use eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is an age-old herbal mucus relief product. The best way to put eucalyptus oil in use is to line the upper chest area with carrier oil like coconut oil and rub some drops of the eucalyptus oil. Doing so may initially have you coughing a little more than expected, but after some time, it should help release mucus from your throat.

Now, add a couple of eucalyptus oil drops to your vaporizer for another successful treatment option. However, don’t take eucalyptus oil orally.

  1. Add turmeric powder

Add turmeric powder to liquids and that will keep your digestive tract working. Turmeric is also an antiseptic. Add 1 tablespoon turmeric and 1 tablespoon of honey to 8 ounces of hot water. Now drink the liquid and repeat the process to get the best treatment results.

  1. Eat spicy foods

If you eat spicy foods, you will get the mucus loose and runny. Here are some of the spicy foods that are effective at relieving mucus. You should eat:

  • Peppers, for example, jalapeno or anaheim
  • Wasabi or horseradish
  • Ginger and even garlic


  1. Stay away from milk and dairy

Even though many people dispute the evidence that dairy worsens mucus, it’s better to avoid it if you believe that mucus production may increase after you take it. The reason is that the fat content in milk may be higher than usual, making mucus thicker and more irritating.

  1. Avoid soy products

Soy products like tofu, soymilk and tempeh, though they are rich in protein and otherwise healthy for you, can still increase the viscosity of mucus, leading to buildups of mucus in the chest. If possible, please try staying on the safe side by avoiding soy altogether.

  1. Stop smoking

Removing or preventing mucus from being a health problem for you is just one of the many reasons you should quit smoking if you haven’t just yet. Smoking irritates the throat, aggravates respiratory function, and leads to congestion too.

  1. Stay away from other irritants

The reason you should avoid strong chemicals, paints and household cleaners such as ammonia is that they may be irritating to your nose and throat. That can cause the production of more mucus.


Sometimes, excess mucus can be a symptom of a more serious condition. So, see your healthcare provider provided you are experiencing recurrent overproduction of mucus or other concerning symptoms are evident too.



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