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How to stop consuming sugar for hormonal health


Sugar for hormonal health

Everyone knows that consuming too much added sugar is unhealthy. If you don’t want to gain weight, develop many chronic diseases or mess your energy levels, quit consuming excess sugar.

Keep reading to find more info about sugar and hormones and other relevant facts about the impact of sugar on your hormonal health.

The Type of Sugar Matters

It’s relevant to talk about types of sugar in this context. Here we are looking at added sugar.

Watch out for sugar types such as artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and other processed sugars.

If you consume simple sugars, the effects would include blood sugar spikes and hormonal issues. We consume them in candy, desserts, alcohol and sports drinks.

Note that there is a slight difference when it comes to sugars from complex carbohydrates and fruits. They are rich in fiber which slows down the effect of glucose in the body.

Ways Sugar Impacts Fertility?

If you are have a blood sugar spike, your body’s reaction goes into a fight-or-flight response.

To make it clearer, your body senses a blood sugar spike as an emergency though there’s none, and responds by discharging cortisol.

When your body releases cortisol for a long time, such cortisol in a great quantity can easily mess with your hormones.

Now imagine what happens each time you eat meals with too much added sugar.

Many people are already addicted to sugar, though.

Look at these top tips to help you quit sugar with ease:

Quit Cold Turkey

You don’t need to make quitting sugar a prolonged process. Instead, you can go about it via a detox phase and get it over with.

In two weeks, you will see the signs and when you quit, cravings won’t come back.

Add more fiber to your diet

Add fiber in your everyday meals, including protein, fat and whole-food carbohydrates, to fill full.

Remember that if you don’t feed yourself normally, your sugar cravings will spike tremendously.

No wonder eating foods rich in fiber is really healthy, especially in those first two weeks.

Drink Adequate Water

Most of the time, when you have cravings for sugary treats, dehydration follows!

Try this! Instead, go for a big glass of water in place of a sweet snack.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Don’t consume artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose. They can only harm your hormones.

Thank goodness you can still consume foods with natural sweeteners. One must admit that turning one’s back on too much added sugar is really difficult. Switching from sweetened coffee to black coffee is not easy to make happen though.

As an alternative, try foods made with monk fruit sugar or stevia.

Never try to turn to Snacking as a coping mechanism

Learn to be conscious about when you are looking to snack to deal with stress. It would be incredibly helpful to put a stress management system in place here.

Besides, you can forgo many sweet snacks for low sugar alternatives. 

The Bottom Line

Some of the most beneficial ways to support your hormonal health and fertility is to cut down your sugar intake.

When you stop consuming sugar, expect to go into a detox phase, which may increase your cravings. The initial stage may be difficult but always remind yourself why you’re doing it.

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