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How to Tighten Your Weight Loss-Related Loose Skin


The best way to manage overweight or obesity is to lose weight but if it is major weight loss, the results will include loose skin. For many people, having loose skin may be so discomforting that it interferes with their quality of life.

What causes loose skin after weight loss?

Remember that your skin is the largest organ in your body. The reason your skin can become loose after weight loss is because of the damage your skin’s collagen, elastin and other elasticity-enabling components get when your skin stretches during significant weight gain or pregnancy. So, after losing weight, your skin often loses its ability to retract.

Factors that influence the loss of skin elasticity

The factors that cause your skin to lose its elasticity during weight changes include age, genetics, amount of weight lost, smoking, and the length of time your skin has supported your excess weight.

Remedies to tighten loose skin

Here are some of the remedies that may help improve skin strength and elasticity for people who gained weight and have lost small to moderate chunks of the body mass.

Perform resistance training

If you want to improve loose skin, build muscle mass. To do that, engage in regular strength training and with time, your loose skin will turn to muscle skin worth having. This strategy works for both young and older adults.

Take certain nutrients (diet) and stay hydrated

There are specific nutrients that are important for producing collagen and other components that promote healthy skin:

·         Protein: Consuming enough proteins helps your skin to be healthy. The amino acids lysine and proline are directly helpful in collagen production.

·         Omega-3 fatty acids: They are found in fatty fish and help in increasing skin elasticity and anti-aging effects.

·         Vitamin C: Vitamin C is required for collagen synthesis and protection of the skin from sun damage.

·         Water: Did you know that drinking enough water every day for better hydration is one way to boost your skin’s appearance? One study revealed that women who drink lots of water daily have better skin hydration and function. Such skin fights away skin looseness.  

Use firming creams

Collagen and elastin are included in the content of many “firming” creams.

Temporarily, these creams may slightly improve your skin’s tightness as collagen and elastin molecules are too large for your skin to absorb.

Compression Clothing

If someone with loose skin wears compression clothing, it can help conceal and also prevent certain side effects of the loose skin. For example, compression stockings and other garments can minimize friction provoked by skin-to-skin contact. This helps to reduce pain, itching, irritation and the risk of infection.

Slower weight loss

While losing skin slowly is not always an option (especially for people who have done bariatric surgery), it can still be the best option for preventing loose skin from even showing up.

Body contouring surgery

People with loose skin can go for contouring procedures which can be undertaken alongside liposuction. They involve removing fat and tightening the skin, but for all but mild cases of excess skin. However, these medical procedures are many but may not fully address the problem.


The best home remedy begins with taking good care of your skin by avoiding smoking, ultraviolet rays from the sun, reducing alcohol consumption and increasing a fruit-vegetable-rich diet and foods low in sugar and saturated fats. But always check the pros and cons of the loose skin remedy you have chosen before going for it.


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