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I Have Only 1 Fallopian Tube. Can I Get Pregnant?

If you have just one fallopian tube, you can still get pregnant, but only if you don’t have any other infertility issues. For example, your one tube should not be accompanied by an anatomical abnormality or a blockage, PCOS, poor sperm quality, endometriosis, etc.

Note that even one fallopian tube is enough for conception.


What Can Cause Me To Lose A Functioning Fallopian Tube?


Female bodies are so wise that they naturally have two functioning Fallopian Tubes for extra protection. One is a functioning spare. If one is misshapen, damaged, removed or blocked, the other will be there to support the ovulation cycle.


Some of the common reasons women have a malfunctioning or non-functioning fallopian tube are:

  • Prior infection(s) or health conditions that scarred, damaged or got the tube removed.
  • Ectopic pregnancy which led to permanent damage to the tube or its removal.
  • Nonfunctioning tube caused by a congenital birth defect or anatomical abnormality
  • Endometriosis which caused scarring
  • Fibroid tumors that affected the fallopian tube or the uterus entrance, blocking it.
  • Prior abdominal or pelvic surgery which resulted to tube scarring or damage.


You Can Still conceive despite having One Fallopian Tube


In almost every case, a woman with a single functioning fallopian tube can still get pregnant considering all other factors including the ones below are in place:


She has a healthy/functioning tube

Remember, I mentioned the “wise body” above. A functioning ovary has even been known to migrate to “pick up” a mature egg from a non-functioning ovary.  Though this is not something that happens every time, it happens and reveals how hard your body can work to help you get pregnant.


You ovulate regularly


Are your periods regular? If your periods are not regular, there is a high certainty that you’re not ovulating regularly. Remember that however healthy and clear your fallopian tube is, it always needs a healthy, mature egg to be able to move through its channels.


Keeping track of your menstrual cycle and learning how your personal fertility window works, helps you master the timing of sex for pregnancy at home and fertility schedules for treatments if you need any.


Your male partner does not have fertility problems


For women in a heterosexual relationship, your reproductive health is as important as that of your male partner. If he has any infertility issues like low sperm count, sexual dysfunction, anatomical abnormalities that hinders the movement of sperm from their testicles to the penis, getting you pregnant will be possible only with treatment.


If you have only one fallopian tube and are working on getting pregnant, ensure that your partner gets tested for full male infertility factors. Test yourself for female factors also to ensure that you go for the right treatment if you or both of you have infertility issues.

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