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Importance of Vaginal Steaming: Everything You Should Know

To say the list, menstruation, sexual intercourse, childbirth hormonal changes and pelvic floor issues put the vagina through a lot.

What is vaginal steaming?

Vaginal steaming, also called v-steaming and yoni steaming is an age-old practice that involves the exposure of one’s vagina to steam to cleanse or detox and enhance its health naturally. The practice surged in popularity when the celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow gave it high praise.

The Importance of Vaginal Steaming

People engaged in vaginal steaming believe the practice offers multiple health benefits and even consider it a kind of “facial” for the vagina.

Importance of vaginal steaming:

  • Decreasing menstrual symptoms like exhaustion, bloating, cramps and heavy bleeding
  • Regulating menstruation
  • Boosting fertility
  • Relief from menopause symptoms
  • Detoxify the womb
  • Enhancing healing after childbirth
  • Reducing stress
  • Treating haemorrhoids
  • Boosting energy and reducing fatigue
  • Treating headaches
  • Treatment for stress
  • Enhancing blood flow to the vagina and promoting its health

Herbs used alone or in a mixture:

  • wormwood
  • mugwort
  • chamomile
  • basil
  • calendula
  • oregano

Spas offer a special seat which Paltrow called a “throne” with a hole for steam to come through.

How to steam your vagina at home

Before you try this suggested at-home vaginal steaming method below, please consider its supposed benefits as well as the possible safety issues I have also discussed further below.

  1. Add a cup of your preferred herbs to a 2 or 3-litre basin of hot water
  2. Allow the herbs to steep for about 1 minute
  3. Take your clothes off from the waist down
  4. Now stand or squat over the basin directly. You can as well stand the basin in the toilet to sit on the toilet
  5. Wrap a big towel around your waist and legs so that the steam cannot escape.
  6. Stay over the steam for 20 to 60 minutes. The steam may cool sooner if the water is not hot enough.   

 What are the safety concerns?

The number one safety concern is the risk of burning the sensitive tissues of your vagina if the steam is too hot. So, avoid using excessively hot water or getting too close to it.  

·       Adding more moist heat and certain additives within the steam to your vagina can increase your risk for yeast or bacterial infections.

·       If you don’t keep the vaginal steaming equipment clean, you risk getting infections and other side effects.

·       Remember to always ask the spa staff about their steam equipment cleaning methods and measures to reduce the risk of infection.

·       If you’re pregnant, don’t steam your vagina. The steam can affect the growing fetus.

Note that doctors generally warn pregnant women against using saunas, hot tubs, and heating pads around their pelvis for this same reason.


Naturally, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ designed to maintain pH balance regularly. So subjecting it to additional interventions like vaginal steaming or douching may not be necessary. But if you have to steam, do your best to exercise extreme caution to limit the risk of burns and infections.

If you’re practising v-steaming, please share your experience with other readers in the comment section below.




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