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Infection in sickle cell disease


Isotonix® Activated B Complex

I battle with chronic lymphodema in my feet and most recently in my hands. 


Because of poor circulation in the legs, sickle cell patients tend to have ulcers on their legs.


I don’t have ulcers per say but I have some pimple-like growths that ooze when my feet are super swollen.


I am a teacher so although doctors tell me to always try to keep my feet up, this is literally impossible to do.I, therefore, wear prescription compression stockings.


  • But these stockings are very difficult to put on by myself, and the hip replacement has made it even harder for me to do so. On most days, unless I have help, I find that I don’t put them on.


  • When I don’t put them on, I am required to do bandaging from feet to hip. This also isn’t easy to do by myself.


  • When my feet start oozing, it can very quickly lead to an infection and a crisis if I don’t stop the flow. 


  • Sometimes, it takes me three days in bandages to get the legs to stop oozing. This makes it really hard to get out and about because I hardly have any shoes big enough to fit a bandaged foot.


Sickle cell patients take antibiotics frequently to help fight infections and prevent a crisis.


  • I don’t like taking antibiotics because they are too strong and destroy the gut flora.So I prefer natural options.


  • A few days ago, when my feet were oozing uncontrollably and I started feeling an infection setting in, I took 


  • ✅a teaspoon of olive leaf extract three times a day 


  • ✅Vit C 5000 mg daily 


  • ✅Vit d 5000 iud daily 


  • ✅2 garlic capsules twice daily 


  • ✅1 probiotic of 30 billion strength daily


( I prefer 50 billion strength but did nit have that on hand)


I followed this regimen for 3-5 days and that did the trick.


Other natural antibiotics I use to fight infections include; oregano, goldenseal, echinacea, elderberry, malcare and virid.( thé last two are herbal supplements I buy from healingblendsglobal.


Below are the links to the supplements I use.(click on each to know how you can get yours)

  1. Activated B Complex
  2. vitamin d with k2
  3. Isotonix® Vitamin C
  4. Essential Omega III Fish Oil with Vitamin E
  5. Probiotics-10


Are you frequently on antibiotics? How do you fight or prevent infections? Tell me in the comments below.

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