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Is the food you are eating killing you?




You’re what you eat and the processed food you eat is killing you

The first time I read that millions of people are dying from poor diets, I immediately thought that it was due to food scarcity but NO. It’s instead because we are eating a diet packed with all the wrong things such as sugar, trans fats, salt and other killer additives.

A study about this tragedy suggests that unhealthy eating habits cause 1 in 5 deaths worldwide. No wonder a recent The New York Times says, “Poor diet is the leading cause of mortality in the United States, causing more than half a million deaths per year.’ That’s scary!

Let’s look at how we’re eating and drinking ourselves to death:

Addictive Foods

Addictive Foods are not nutritious and without nutrients

According to research studies conducted by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in Seattle, consuming modern processed food is more addictive and unhealthier than tobacco, heroin, alcohol, and other drugs. Taking too much of this bad quality (junk food) increases the mortality rate even more.

Try to moderate the regularity of consuming addictive foods like tasty potato chips. Switch to eating lettuce, more greens, vegetables and fruits for their nutritional content.

Junk foods are slowly killing us

Our supermarkets are full of junk food designed to be addictive and kill us slowly. You know how overwhelming rates of illnesses such as obesity, cancer, heart disease, mental health, dementia, and others have skyrocketed in recent years. Thanks to nutrition, our bodies survive, but the foods in our supermarkets are mostly junk.

We eat foods with added vitamins and minerals, but that’s different from whole food. Food scientists modify these foods by adding chemicals and substances that make them taste better but are deadly for health. 

Getting back to nature

The culture of eating junk food is a U.S problem that has spread worldwide, though, in the recent years, people have been trying to get back to natural foods. Though addicted, people are tired of eating the chemical concoctions foods in our grocery stores come with. The problem is addiction won’t let us give up eating such junk, though we love our health and want to improve it.

Besides, many food manufacturers trick you with their packaged processed food by falsely labeling it as healthy, whereas it’s not.

Crimes against humanity

The kind of dangerous chemicals the modern food industry introduces in the food we eat daily is a crime against humanity. These foods render us sick, depressed, tired, worn down, and grossly overweight. And worse still, we are addicted to the ‘foods’ with almost no food content in them.

Research results on processed foods

The IHME study I mentioned above also affirmed “that poor diet is responsible for more deaths than any other risk factor in the world.” These deaths include 10 million from heart disease, 913,000 from cancer and about 339,000 from Type 2 diabetes.

What a scary statistic this is for me! What about you? Would you adjust your diet despite junk food addiction? You better do it for the sake of your health.

Do you know that most people actually know or suspect that a lot of the food they eat is unhealthy? The sad thing is, they continue to eat processed, sodium-laced foods and takedown sugary soft drinks. So it’s high time you quit digging your grave in such a manner.

Natural food

If you don’t get back to natural food, highly processed foods will kill you. We are craving nutrition, but the food we get from our modern supermarkets doesn’t give it to us. Today’s supermarkets are more like a pharmacy since they peddle chemicals and additives.

Do you find it almost impossible to regulate your consumption of addictive foods? You are not alone. It takes absolute willpower to give up eating them because of their addictive nature. Even when you want to lose weight, all you find at the grocery store is a vast array of these very foods that we shouldn’t be eating.



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