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Natural Remedies To Treat An STD At Home

Things to know about STDs and Natural remedies to treat them at home

How to Treat STDs Naturally


If you contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD), your doctor may prescribe antibiotics for its treatment. However, you can still treat that STD using common natural home remedies.

How are STDs transmitted?

People get STDs during vaginal or other types of sexual intercourse, such as oral and anal sex, as well as by simple skin-to-skin contact. Sounds scary huh! You can’t completely cure all STDs at every stage using home remedies. However, you can keep them under control with effective home remedies.

Common types of STDs include:

·       HIV/AIDS

·       Chlamydia

·       Genital herpes

·       Genital warts

·       Gonorrhoea


   some forms of STDs like hepatitis

·       Syphilis

·       and Trichomoniasis

What Are The Signs and Symptoms Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

The symptoms of STDs differ. Some are mild and others don’t just reveal themselves.

·       Unusual discharge or foul odor from the penis or vagina

·       Sores, lesions, or bumps around the genitals and rectum

·       Sores or lesions in/around the mouth

·       Unusual Vaginal bleeding

·       Pelvic inflammatory disease

·       Pelvic pain

·       Pain during sexual intercourse

·       Pain and burning during urination

·       Unusual pain in the lower abdomen

·       Rashes

·       Fever

·       Genital itching

·       Genital, butt, hip or leg pain

·       Swollen lymph nodes

·       Flu-like symptoms


How to treat Sexually Transmitted Diseases using home remedies

Your healthcare provider may prescribe antibiotics for treating STDs. However, you can still use any of these natural remedies that have been in use for centuries to fight these STDs and effectively reduce the symptoms:



Treat STDs naturally

Garlic is a century-old popular home remedy with potent antibacterial properties. It has a history of being used against STD-related bacterial infections.


Goldenseal plant, also termed berberine or Hydrastis Canadensis L, comes with powerful antimicrobial properties. Studies give it credit for treating several conditions, including upper respiratory infections, canker sores. Goldenseal is said to treat STIs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.

You can get goldenseal in both ingestible capsules and creams for topical use. However, remember to seek advice from a doctor or reliable herbalist before using the remedy.



Treat STDs naturally

Apple cider vinegar is among the best remedies that combat STIs. Simply take cider vinegar orally or apply it topically as a solution. This acidic remedy comes with antibacterial properties. Note that its highly acidic content can irritate the delicate tissues of your genitals.



Turmeric is known for providing multiple health benefits. Turmeric contains curcumin, a plant chemical in turmeric that offers powerful anti-inflammatory properties. For effective treatment, try consuming raw organic turmeric on an empty stomach. It’s a natural way to kill every bacteria living in your body.

Here are other home remedies with excellent anti-STD properties that can also treat colloidal silver and other conditions! You can use colloidal silver for the reduction of inflammation and the promotion of healing of syphilitic lesions. Also, honey consists of the enzyme (glucose oxidase), which is effective at killing bacteria.

Doctors and nutritionists recommend eating a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet to get optimal health and strong immunity. Go for a diet that’s low in trans and saturated fats, refined bill foods and sugar.

Have you noticed that you have any of the above symptoms? If yes, visit a doctor right away for proper and timely diagnosis and medication. It’s better to be sure of the STD you’re treating.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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