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Natural treatments for blocked Fallopian tubes



Before diving into the natural treatments, do you know what fallopian tubes are? They are the female reproductive organs that connect the ovaries and the uterus. The place where the sperm meets the egg for fertilization to take place! It is from the fallopian tube that the fertilized zygote swims to the uterus to implant and then grow into a fetus (pregnancy)

Blocked fallopian tube means that sperm cannot pass to meet the egg and fertilize it. Whether your fallopian tubes are blocked by endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids, scars or sexually transmitted infections, it needs serious treatment and natural treatments works quite well.

Here are effective ways to treat fallopian tube blockage using home remedies:

Abdominal or Fertility Massage

Massages improves blood flow to a body part, promoting faster healing of tissues from either scars or some problems.

When it comes to unblocking fallopian tubes, some alternative medicine specialists do recommend fertility massages. This involves using warm oil to massage the abdominal area. But before taking this home remedy, make sure you consult an abdominal massage therapist. Besides, no scientific evidence is yet to claim this works.

Vaginal steaming

Women are increasingly turning to vaginal steaming as an alternative treatment for multiple conditions that include menstrual cramps and infertility. No wonder it’s being suggested as a natural therapy for unblocking fallopian tubes.

Though there is no scientific evidence to support the practice yet, many continue to apply this method of treatment to do away with fallopian tube blockage.

Castor oil pack

One of the most popular benefits of a castor oil pack is its natural medicinal properties that treat many ailments, including infertility and blocked fallopian tubes.

The use of castor oil dates back centuries and as of now, no medical evidence is there to support its effectiveness as a fallopian tube blockage treatment. However, there are no known risks associated with using the oil. So, why not go for it? Besides, it’s an awesome skin moisturizer.

Herbal pads

Herbal tampons or pads are herbs inserted into the vagina for treatment purposes. The practice has now become a widespread home fertility treatment. No scientific evidence backs the efficacy of the practice yet. 

However, before introducing any herbal pads into your body to treat your blocked fallopian tubes, watch out for vaginal infections. Be cautious!  Investigate each herb thoroughly with the help of a licensed healthcare practitioner.


The reasons regular exercise is beneficial are many and the belief that it boosts fertility and unblocks fallopian tubes is just one of them. A 2012 study of 3,628 women showed that exercise can improve a woman’s fertility levels.

Though no study links exercise and unblocking fallopian tubes, many people still believe exercise helps unblock tubes and boosts the fruit of the womb.

Whatever natural treatment you choose to go with, avoid any junk food that is loaded with chemicals as they reduce your estrogen levels and makes your fallopian tube blockage worse.  Stick to an antioxidant-rich diet which includes fresh fruits, vegetables and teas rich in antioxidants.


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