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Natural Ways to Combat High Blood Pressure


Combating High Blood Pressure

As far back as I can remember, my mom suffered from high blood pressure when we were still very young. At that time I didn’t understand what that meant but I remember praying to God often asking Him to take care of my mother and keep her alive till we are grown enough to take care of ourselves. You see, my mom was a single mom with three kids, one being a sickle cell patient and her mother was also not well too. She had no siblings and was our sole caretaker. She was under enormous stress because she had to work and take care of her kids. She was a sick mother and a child who often required hospitalizations and blood transfusions. I remember, during one of her hospital visits the doctor said that she needed to be very careful because her blood pressure was so high and the day she collapses, that would be the end of her.

Mom passed away in 2015 due to a stroke caused by a brain aneurysm as a result of extremely high blood pressure. They say that high blood pressure a silent killer and it is true. During the one month my mom felt sick and was in the hospital prior to her passing, I too developed high blood pressure due to extreme stress and my siblings would later on develop it as well. This began my quest for natural remedies to help me manage my blood pressure. By God’s grace the remedies I share here have helped me and today my blood pressure is normal. I have used these same remedies to help others regulate their BP as well. I take them in conjunction with my medications and have gradually been able to decrease the dosage of my medications.

So below are 16 Natural ways to combat blood pressure

1. Exercise

2. Weight loss

3. Reduce sugar and carbohydrates intake

4. Reduce sodium intake

5. Increase potassium intake

6. Eat foods closer to their natural state and avoid processed foods

7. Avoid smoking

8. Avoid alcohol

9. Reduce stress

10. Meditate

11. Take medicinal herbs

12. Get enough rest

13. Take garlic or garlic supplements

14. Eat high protein foods

15. Take supplements that help lower your bp

16. Avoid caffeine

My Lemon Ginger Blast for Regulating my Blood Pressure

Below I share this easy-to–make recipe of ginger lemon blast that I prepare and drink to regulate my blood pressure and it has been so effective.

Outline of the Benefits of Lemon Ginger Blast:

  • ·       Combats high blood pressure
  • ·       Combats sickle cell anaemia
  • ·       Improves digestion
  • ·       Eradicates inflammation
  • ·       Antiviral, bacterial, fungal and anti-parasitic
  • ·       Alkalizes the body
  • ·       Good body detoxifier
  • ·       Improves body oxygen and cell energy
  • ·       Eliminates mucous and fat

·       Contains anti-ageing properties

·       Effective neutralizer of free radicals and prevents cell damage

·       Habanero is an antioxidant and also regulates blood pressure and cholesterol

Check Out the Lemon Ginger Blast Recipe:

Now, get a Juicer1


·       1 large or 2 small lemons

·       3 inches of ginger root

·       2 apples

·       1 cucumber

·       1 bunch each of celery, parsley and cilantro

·       3 inches of turmeric root (if you have it)

·       1 handful of mint (if you have it)

·       1/4 to 1 Habanero (entire pepper for more advanced – begin slow).

Preparation Steps:

Have all ingredients juiced and have fun

Add in some more greens like spinach, kale and collards to the above ingredients.

Turmeric acts as an effective natural blood thinner against high blood pressure and is also anti-inflammatory.

Cayenne pepper helps in pain management, inflammation and blood pressure regulation.

With green vegies in the mix, you get chlorophyll, abundant antioxidant properties and lots of vitamins and minerals.

Now, do you really want to combat high blood pressure naturally and successfully like I do? You can start it today by moving to your kitchen now to begin making and drinking this effective lemon ginger blast every day as from today.

If you would like to ask any questions, get more details or know more about my success with BP, kindly leave a comment in the comment box below and I will eagerly response to you

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