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PART I – 14 Reasons to Lose Weight Besides Your Body Image


Fitting nicely into your new or old clothes, swimwear, or a nice top is good, but your body image should never be your only motivation to lose weight. Your primary reason should be associated with the numerous health benefits of weight loss.

Ultimately, being obese or overweight has MANY side effects, which I will discuss below. On the flip side, having a trimmer figure comes with little-known benefits.

14 Reasons to Lose Weight Besides Your Body Image

1.     You’ll have less joint pain

Having a bodyweight above normal can strain your joints, especially your knees. Naturally, people generally suffer from everyday wear and tear on their joints, but people with extra body pounds put excess stress on these same joints, causing inflammation. No wonder nutritionists have found that an anti-inflammatory diet can help relieve symptoms of arthritis.

2.     You’ll enjoy quality sleep

Did you know that your food choice controls the ease with which you fall asleep and how well-rested you become when you wake up? Most cases of overweight come from eating foods that digest quickly, leaving you hungry soon after. 

This pushes your body to search for high-energy foods as quick fixes, for example, fatty and sugary foods which are instead enemies of quality sleep. Avoiding such foods improves your sleep and helps to flush out health conditions that hinder sleep, for example, depression, diabetes and heart disease.

3.     Your chance to beat farewell to seasonal allergy

If you never knew, now you know that your weight may be to blame for those symptoms of season allergy that spring brings to you. The reason is, being overweight strains the adrenal glands and the respiratory system, thus worsening asthma and allergy symptoms. Just cut down your weight and see how well you’ll enjoy the smell of roses outdoors.

4.     Food will taste better

Have you ever heard of this? Your meals may taste better going down a less fatty stomach. According to researchers from Stanford University, slimmer people have more taste sensitivity than those with extra pounds. The reason is perhaps that overweight people have overused and dulled their taste buds.

5.     Your sex drive will improve

Researchers say that losing weight is associated with improved arousal or libido due to a responsive rise in testosterone levels. In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, men with heavier body mass had lower T-levels compared to elderly men ten years older than them.

In other studies, women with belly fat accumulation have higher cortisol secretions, a stress hormone. So, the higher the cortisol, the higher your stress levels and the lesser your sexual arousal! 

6.     You’ll enjoy more between the sheets

In a survey of 1,210 people of different weights by Duke University Medical Center, obese people were 25 times more likely to complain about dissatisfaction with their leaner partner between the sheets.

Something to smile about here is that shedding a mere 10 percent loss of that body weight will boost your sexual satisfaction tremendously.

7.     Your cancer risk will decrease

Most people think only of smoking and sunning when it comes to cancer risk. They have no idea that obesity is also linked to cancer.

Experts believe that the same inflammation that provokes weight gain also leads to DNA damage and the resulting diseases. This is bad news, but on the good side, if you reduce your weight by even 5 percent, it will lead to a decrease in levels of inflammation, according to researchers after a Cancer Research study of postmenopausal women.

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