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PART II – 10 myths about blood Pressure debunked with the facts you need to know


Myths about blood Pressure debunked


1.     Myth: Now I’ve high blood pressure. There’s nothing I can do about it.

Fact:HBP is treatable. You simply need to embrace healthy lifestyle modifications, regular light exercise like taking walks, losing weight (if needed), and medication.

2.     Myth: HBP comes from getting older.

Fact:Factually, the risk of HBP can increase with age, but getting older does not cause HBP. Rather HBP is a serious health condition that can come before you get older and needs consistent monitoring and treatment.

3.     Myth: Hypertension is curable

Fact: Currently, hypertension has no cure. Managing the condition is the only way to reduce its effects on health.

Examples of changes that may help include:

·       Consuming less alcohol

·       Embracing only a healthy diet

·       Doing regular light exercise

·       Quitting smoking

·       Managing stress

·       Taking medication

·       Maintaining a moderate weight


4.     Myth: HBP is more common in men.

Fact:It depends on age. Hypertension is only more common in men before they turn 50. For women, their risk of getting HBP increases after menopause and can even get relatively higher. Taking birth control pills can be a risk factor for women getting HBP. Women who develop HBP during pregnancy may have it thereafter.

5.     Myth:The risk of getting hypertension is the same for people of all races.

Fact:The risk of developing HBP is higher in black adults than in all other races and ethnicities. However, the reasons are not completely clear though experts attribute to genetics and socioeconomic components.

6.     Myth:I’m young, so I need not worry about developing high blood pressure. 

Fact:Even though hypertension is more common amongst older people, young people are not totally free from developing it. The older we get, the more our arteries naturally stiffen, increasing the resistance within our arteries and increasing blood pressure.

7.     Myth: I’m taking blood pressure medication, so I must not exercise or watch what I eat.

Fact:People must embrace a healthy lifestyle while on high blood pressure medication to keep away HBP. HBP medication alone is not enough to prevent a heart attack or stroke. So, always take a heart-healthy diet and exercise!

8.     Myth:My HBP went away after changing my diet and embracing regular exercise. So, I don’t need to bother  about it returning.

Fact:Even if you eliminate HBP by diet changes, losing excess weight and increasing physical activity, you must keep following those lifestyle changes to keep the HBP away.

9.     Myth:I have an active lifestyle, low body weight, and take a healthy diet, so I don’t need to worry about developing HBP.

Fact:People with a strong genetic tendency toward HBP can still develop the disease despite having a low body weight, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. HBP does always develop as a result of lifestyle factors.

10.  Myth: Hypertension isn’t a big deal

Fact: HBP is a big deal because when it becomes severe, it can damage your blood vessels, heart and cause kidney failure and stroke.  HBP also leads to heart disease and stroke, which are both the first and fifth leading causes of death in the U.S.

Tackling the above hypertension-related myths helps bring everyone in the society on the same page when it comes to facing HBP risk factors head-on and working against them to lower the infection rate.

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