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PART II – 14 Reasons to Lose Weight Besides Your Body Image



“Weight loss doesn’t begin in the gym with a dumb bell; it starts in your head with a decision” Toni Sorenson

Below are more reasons you need to start a successful weight-loss journey apart from the need to have a body image many people appreciate: 

8. Your memory may improve

Don’t attribute your inability to aptly remember phone numbers and names like before to your reliance on your cell phone. Your extra body weight may be responsible for your wandering mind. A study on women before and after they lost weight showed a significant improvement in their memory.

The reason is that losing weight generated more brain activity during memories, unlike during memory recall.

Another study found that fructose, the main component in soda and other sweetened foods, ruins the formation of new pathways between brain cells in our course of learning or experiencing something new. That is why experts recommend excluding sweet stuff from your diet and choosing omega-3 superfoods.

9.      You’ll have fewer colds

For a weight loss journey to be successful, there has to be a complete lifestyle change, for example, good night rests, physical exercise, and taking a micronutrient-dense diet that includes fresh produce and whole grains. These changes can help boost immunity, says the Harvard Medical School.

10.  You won’t sweat as much

Have you thought of why your body often releases sweat at just 70 degrees? When fat insulates the body and raises core temperature, your overweight body becomes warmer than someone with a slimmer body. So reduce your weight now, and you won’t sweat unnecessarily again.

11.  You’ll feel energized

You use more energy to keep your overweight body alive as opposed to a slimmer body. After dropping those extra pounds, that energy will be enough to carry your body. It’s not just by eating more food that you maintain your energy levels. Having less weight means less energy is needed to run the slender body.

12.  You’ll breathe better

Slimming down gives you that sigh of relief you’ve been yearning for. Studies show that when overweight people slim, their oxygen flow improves tremendously. This renders you fitter for taking the stairs or doing your physical activities more efficiently. 

13.  Your general mood will improve

The initial stage of your weight loss journey may be painful, but that can’t long. Once you kick-off, the exercise and new diet will become part of you. Just focus on the health aspect of the reason you’re losing weight, and the strain won’t be too much for you to bear.

You need to enjoy the benefits of losing weight, such as calorie burn and endorphins! Better invite those feel-good hormones into your body via a weight loss program and watch how well your mood improves.

14.  You’ll snooze without the snore

You may be snoring or sick of your snoring partner. No one enjoys sleeping beside or around someone who snores. Whether it’s sleep apnea or snoring, excess weight around the neck is one of the main causes of both conditions. So, why not cut just 5 percent of that extra body weight and see how the conditions go.

Your biggest reasons to lose weight should be rooted in living a healthy life instead of just better looks.

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