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Penis Captivus

Before you start blaming all who do not want your success please read this. 
There is Power is being able to state what is going on with you in life.

Now, what’s the captivus penis?

     It is one manifestation of vaginismus which is a strict contraction of the vagina’s muscles so strong, that the male penis gets stuck. This is a rare phenomenon that is very far from being associated with witchcraft or enemies at work. The typical vaginal contractions may be pleasurable for the man. But this one is problematic somehow. 

What you will feel?

As said, the typical vaginal contractions may be pleasurable for the man but when all is locked and there is no pleasurable movement as fear and worry override. The first reactions are usually that of confusion.

Penis captivus is unlikely going to hurt you or your partner. As the erection eases, the pressure on the penis will fall, and any discomfort should stop. Likewise, as the end of the contractions, the muscles should relax enough for the vaginal opening to return to normal size.

While you’re stuck together, it’s important you don’t do anything that could hurt or cause additional pain to you or your partner.

We strongly advise you to try at all means to remain tranquil as you both focus on what just happened and the way out. 

As you focus on what to do, know that it is a critical or serious condition that can be fully reversed.

What next?

 The stuck penis changes the state of things. Enjoyment from hot intercourse give room to anxiety, worry, and fear. Though rare, this situation is as ordinary as other clinical challenges that need to be solved. 

Why is the penis blocked in the first place?

Actually, the blockage is caused by the vagina muscles that contract and hold the penis involuntarily without relaxing to let it out. The muscles of the perineum, located around the vagina, contract very strong a completely involuntary act

Why is there no clinical evidence of this?

There is no clinical evidence of this because penis captivus is very rare as no research or medical evidence of the event has been made.

Reports of some who suffered from this condition who were rushed to the hospital are the only ways we know penis captivus is real. 

A  recent report in 2016 from a reputable Kenyan television channel shows a news item about a stocked couple who was carried to a local witch doctor for help.

What should be done if stocked?

Do not get so worried that you use physical strength to remove the stocked penis. No, be calm especially the female spouse should be calm and relaxed so that her muscles relax and the involuntary vaginal muscle will relax as well as the penis will be released and taken out. 

Also, there is the unglamorous move that consist of sticking a finger into her but causes a relaxation reflex of the muscles of the perineum releasing the penis.

A sleeping pile slowed by the woman will cause her to sleep and as she does so all body muscles will relax including the vaginal perineum muscles releasing the penis.

As a bottom line

We have clearly seen that penis captivus is a very rare condition which most couples will never experience. We also saw that if you do experience this, stay calm, do not panic.

Most couples will be able to separate themselves from the hooked state after focusing on getting the female spouse relaxed so that the involuntary contracted vaginal perineum muscle relaxes releasing the stocked penis. Ouff, ouff,  peace hereby returns. 

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