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Rose Oil: Know The Benefits and Uses of This Essential Oil?


Rose Flower

Talking about essential oils, Rose oil is a particular exception
People always ask the following questions 
How can I make rose oil?
Can I use rose oil on my face?
When should I apply rose oil to my face?
What are the side effects of rose oil?
Is pure rose oil good for hair?
Read the following report in order to get the right answers from a live test conducted by Suzzy Muke. 


So on Mother’s Day, I bought a ton of roses for my amazing mother in love.
However, in a few days, the roses will start to wither. I definitely don’t think it’s a waste of money to buy roses for my mom that would last only a few days, though my husband with his practical mind thinks buying flowers for a gift is an absolute waste of time and money, but is there something else I could do to put the roses to good use?
Since I avoid using chemicals in my house, here is a recipe you can try that is for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces.
It will also make a good deodorizing room spray.

Here’s all you need:

A bunch of rose petals. I got about 50 roses for mom and I will be using all of them to make my spray. It will smell heavenly. The more roses you use the more concentrated the smell will be, of course.
A bottle of vodka. You can use rubbing alcohol but because rubbing alcohol is both toxic and drying I prefer to use high-proof vodka. The higher the proof, the better.
The rose petals were placed in a mason jar with vodka overnight, then strained out in the morning. However, the longer you leave the rose petals in your vodka, the stronger the scent will be. Also since this will be used for disinfecting against viruses and bacteria I choose vodka that’s 150 proof or more.

I prefer to use light coloured roses instead of red roses to avoid staining your surfaces.
Finally, you need a mason jar large enough to contain all ingredients.
Put all roses in the mason jar and cover with vodka.
Let soak for a day to a week or two.
The longer the better.
When done, strain and put in a spray bottle et voila.

Use this to clean surfaces, spray your house or bathrooms or clean your face.
Don’t worry, your house won’t smell like alcohol as the vodka scent quickly dissipates.
You can also make a rose-infused facial oil by soaking dried roses in a lightly scented carrier oil like almond or avocado oil and letting it sit in a dark cool place for two weeks or more. Strain and bottle and use that as a face and body moisturizer.

Rose essential oil has a wide range of health and skin benefits. Some of them are;
Antioxidant: Rose oil is a good antioxidant as it contains compounds like flavonoids. This prevents oxidative stress and ailments like Alzheimer’s disease.
Effective against infections: Several studies done have shown that rose oil is effective in fighting against infections like; strep throat, E.coli, and staph infections. This also makes it potent in treating wounds against infections.

Anti-inflammatory: Rose oil has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce skin swelling when applied.
Reduces pain: According to various studies, when inhaled rose oil helps reduce pain. It does this by stimulating the brain to release endorphins, which are called the “feel-good” hormones. Due to this, aromatherapy using rose oil is used for patients who experience serious pain or patients who just had surgery.

Antidepressant: Rose oil is a good anti-depressant because when inhaled, it stimulates the brain to release dopamine. This helps the patient feel fewer symptoms of depression.
Skincare: Rose oil has several benefits to the skin. It helps control skin texture, protects the skin from damage caused by heat, UV radiation, or infections. Rose oil also brightens the skin and makes scars and marks caused by boils, rashes, infections, or acne fade.

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