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Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Lettuce


Health Benefits of Lettuce

Lettuce (Lactuva Sativa) is a crunchy-textured vegetable with incredible health benefits, thanks to its nutritional and herbal values. The veggie was first cultivated in ancient Egypt for the treatment of ailments.

Lettuce is a superfood of many types: iceberg, Romaine, Red and Green Leaf, butter lettuce and devils lettuce. Often described as ‘rabbit food’ and ‘the perfect weight loss food’, here are some of the many health benefits of lettuce:

1.     Promotes metabolism

When you eat lettuce, it helps boost your body’s metabolism by promoting food conversion into the energy your body uses. The nutrients in lettuce play a supportive role and control the chemical reaction that enables metabolism. They are iron, magnesium, and potassium. Moreover, lettuce possesses a potent B-complex, which boosts the metabolism system.

2.     Lower the risk of heart issues

According to studies, lettuce contains beta carotene and Vitamin C, which help prevent the chances of cholesterol oxidation and through the prevention of artery-wall plaque formation that could block off, breaking the blood flow. Potassium and fiber found in lettuce also help lower cholesterol and the risk of a heart condition.

3.     Lower inflammation

Consuming lettuce combats ailments such as dental infections, migraines and pain on pack caused by inflammation. Extracts from lettuce also promote anti-inflammatory activity enhanced by biocatalysts, for example, carrageenan and lipoxygenase. Scientifically, studies have proven that lettuce plays a vital role in controlling inflammation.

4.     Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Eating lettuce helps decrease the chances of diabetes. The veggie comes with few calories, putting glycemic index presumably at zero. Having a low glycemic index benefits anyone that watches their blood sugar level. Low content of blood sugar reduces the risk of diabetes. So, eating lettuce helps prevent the chances of developing diabetes.

5.     Prevent growth of cancer

The health benefits of eating lettuce include the fight against cancer. According to research, the properties of this plant are potent enough to control cells of leukemia and breast cancer. In the same way, they can get rid of 50% of leukemia cells. In addition, lettuce contains Vitamin A as well. It helps in the prevention of both mouth and lung cancer.

6.     Promotes sleep

Consuming lettuce is another way to treat insomnia and other sleep issues. The veggie contains lactuacarium, a white fluid that oozes out after a lettuce leaf gets cut. This fluid contains properties that help relaxes the body and improve sleep quality. Notably, lactuacarium is not toxic to the body.

7.     Hydrates Body

In addition to drinking water, eating lettuce is also another healthy and fresh source of hydration. So, frequent consumption of this leafy plant does not only nourish your body with nutrients, but also with enough water that hydrates your body and renders it healthier. 

8.     Elimination of toxins

Lettuce can also help remove toxins in your body alongside its role of balancing acids thanks to the powerful minerals it possesses. Eliminating body toxins actually means cleansing the body of all contaminants and leaving it healthy.

9.     Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The body benefits so much from potent nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids and lettuce contains a lot of them. A 2:1 ratio of Omega-3 & Omega-6 is an excellent composition for our body and it’s neither too much nor too less.

16. Low in Calorie and No Fat

One healthy way to have low calorie food is to include lettuce in your diet. The super-food contains zero fat. It is filled with only 12 calories for 1 shredded cup. So, regular consumption of salad is a healthy method of losing weight much faster.

Different ways to eat lettuce include:          

·        Add lettuce to salads

·        Braise, stuff, cook or soften lettuce leaves with either butter, cream, or pureed.

·        Prepare lettuce with vegetables, greens, meats and cheese

·        Add lettuce to your sandwiches, soups and wraps

·        Also used it in bean curd, meat dishes and stir fry

·        Use the whole lettuce head in a smoothie.

·        Add the veggie to baked salmon, chicken soup and chicken soup.

If you want to explore more information about how to prepare and consume lettuce for the benefits, especially treatment, contact me on my social media handles.



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