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Signs of a Tooth Infection That You Should Know

Signs of a Tooth Infection

Is your tooth aching or making you feel uncomfortable? Have you noticed that you have a little gum, jaw swelling, or a coloured tooth? Any of these could be a symptom of a serious tooth infection.

Know that your teeth consist of many nerves that make a toothache even on one little spot excruciating. Besides, such pain may have a connection with some deeper oral health issues.

How does the discomfort in your tooth feel? Is it sore, sensitive or it’s sharp? Any of the above indicates a tooth abscess or tooth infection.

Reasons People Have a Tooth Infection

There are many causes of a tooth infection. Your older root canal is usually one of the most common causes. Dentists treat most root canal problems by removing a nerve from the affected tooth. The bad news is, the area may end up with a bacterial infection; a burden you should absolutely avoid.

It’s essential to recognize the symptoms of an infection early on as that enables you to seek treatment on time.

How to Tell If Your Tooth is Infected

Have you experienced any tooth pain when eating? The cause may be tooth infection. The infection or abscess extends through the root tip, causing pain in your gum and bone. At times, the pulsating pain and throbbing may get so severe that medication for the pain can be ineffective against your aches. The reason could be the spread of the infection which puts more pressure on your gums and bones.

Signs You Have a Tooth Infection

·       The colour of 1 or maybe 2 of your teeth has turned darker unlike your other teeth.

·       You find that your jaw, face, and surrounding lymph nodes are swelling. The swelling may also include jaw pain.

·       You have a swollen gum that is filled with pus. The raised swelling may appear like a pimple around your infected tooth. An open pimple known as a draining fistula which ruptures and discharges pus.

·       Your mouth may develop a bad taste or bad breath.

·       You find it hard to move and open your mouth. This may happen due to the pain and swelling.

·       You experience a general feeling of unwellness. It may include a fever or some other sickness in case of a severe infection.


How to Remedy a Tooth Infection

If you suspect that you have an infected tooth, there are simple and effective natural treatment options you can try. But make sure you know the root cause of the type of toothache you are experiencing. So, you can consult your dentist for diagnoses especially if the pain is severe.

Alternatively, here are a few common home remedies for curing a toothache:

Saltwater gargle, Vanilla extract, Asafetida, Peppermint tea bags, Ice pack, Hydrogen peroxide rinse, Cloves, Garlic, Oils, Fresh ginger, Onions, Vanilla extract, Turmeric, Propolis, Lemon, Guava, leaf and Wheatgrass.

Infections or abscesses can worsen quite quickly and/or spread to other parts of your body and cause a range of problems. So, treating them early on with home remedies and seeking professional advice from your dentist is very important.

If this post has taught you something about your tooth infection or that of someone you care about, leave a comment or question below and I will respond eagerly.





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