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Signs You Have Piles (Hemorrhoids) and Ways to Treat or Prevent It


Piles (Hemorrhoids) 

Many people don’t know that another name for piles is hemorrhoids. The signs and symptoms of this condition are similar to those of other much more serious or even deadly conditions.

So what are piles?

Piles (hemorrhoids) are lumps found inside and around the anus. They may be either internal or external. The most common type of piles usually grow between 2 to 4 centimeters (cm) above the opening of the anus.

Signs and Symptoms of piles

More than 75% of adults usually have symptomatic hemorrhoids to some degree during their lifetimes. Of this percentage, only about one-third usually need medical treatment.  In most cases, the signs or symptoms of piles are never serious. They most often resolve on their own in a few days. However, some cases can be a serious threat to your life.

Besides, these signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids are usually based on one’s type of hemorrhoid.

1.      External hemorrhoids

You can find external hemorrhoids under the skin around your anus and the signs and symptoms may include:

·         pain or discomfort in the anal area

·         irritation or itching in the anal region

·         swelling around your anus

·         bleeding

2.      Internal hemorrhoids

Internal piles are found in the rectum. They are not visible or felt and rarely cause discomfort. But symptoms like hurting or irritation when pooing can cause:

·         painless bleeding. You might see tiny amounts of bright red blood on the tissue you have used in the toilet.

·         a hemorrhoid to push it way via the anal opening (called prolapsed or protruding hemorrhoid), causing pain and irritation.

3.      Thrombosed hemorrhoids

This happens if you have external hemorrhoids and blood pools in it, forming a clot (thrombus). This can cause:

·         swelling

·         inflammation

·         severe pain

·         a hard lump near your anus

·         The area around your wiwi to be itchy, red, and sore



Many people usually mistake another similar illness for piles and that can cause more trouble if they get piles medication for an illness that is not piles. Doctors usually diagnose this condition after conducting a physical examination. They do so by examining the anus of the person suspected to have piles.

Here are important questions the doctor may ask you when examining you?

·         Do any of your close family members have piles?

·         Have you noticed any blood or mucus in your stool?

·         Have you experienced any weight loss recently?

·         What colour are your stools?

·         Have you experienced any recent changes in bowel movements?

Ways you can treat or prevent piles (hemorrhoids)


·         Take a lot of fluid and include plenty of fibre foods in your diet to render your poop soft

·         Always wipe your anus with damp toilet paper

·         If the piles hurt you, take paracetamol to reduce the pain

·         Bathe with warm water to reduce itching and pain

·         You can also use an ice pack wrapped in a towel to reduce discomfort

·         Push the pile back inside gently

·         Make sure your bottom is clean and dry

·         Go for mild exercise regularly

·         Reduce the amount of alcohol and caffeine you drink, for example tea, coffee and cola to prevent constipation.

Things to avoid when treating or preventing piles


·         Don’t wipe your anus too hard after you poo

·         Don’t ignore or delay the urge to poo

·         Don’t push too much when pooing

·         Don’t take any painkillers which contain codeine in order to avoid constipation

·         Don’t take ibuprofen when your piles are bleeding


When to see a doctor

If you notice blood in your poo or your hemorrhoids fails to improve after a week of home treatment, talk to your doctor.

Also, seek emergency care if you notice large amounts of rectal bleeding, lightheadedness, faintness or dizziness.





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