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TESTIMONIAL – Diet Program Success

Testimonials like this one and many others that I’ve shared here is the reason I help people via this diet program. The program has worked for this client so well that he wrote to me to express his appreciation. Check out his BEFORE and AFTER photos and the amazing testimonial he sent to me via WhatsApp, after his 120kg to 104 kg weight loss success. I thank God for this healing! Here is his testimonial!

“Mum I am doing good. The oozing blood long stopped. For up to three weeks without eating foofu corn and yams. My children are really surprised. And this is becoming really a habit oo! I give food money now excluding my own itinery. And though the diet program is really too strict to follow, I have devised my own system not to worry me too much since I don’t have the time. I just note when I ate yesterday and today I need to start eating ahead of that time again and I make sure I eat what is within the scope of my diet. And I make sure I take a yogurt and little particle of pawpaw if there is. So even if i were to stop the diet today, I must have gained so much from you Suzy. But I am still looking for the first picture carrying that shit stomach and the one of today to send you.”

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