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The leadership of Christ Embassy arrested over mass gathering.

 The leadership if he church from information gathered were arrested by the police and assisting them investigation.

They are being questioned as to how they got the permit to defy all the laid down safety protocols to organize such an event with a mass gathering.

According to our source, “the leadership of the church that led this mass crusade has since this morning been arrested by the Ghana police and investigations has already commenced as to who gave them the permit to organize such mass gathering crusade”.

Rainbow Radio’s morning show host Kwabena Agyapong had raised concerns over the event and wondered how the church got permission to organize the event.

His questions got an official of government to respond saying the leaders and organizers have all been arrested assisting with the investigation.

A section of the Ghanaian public had expressed outrage following a packed Christian event organized by the Christ Embassy Church in Accrapneumaticnt which was christened pneumatica night was attended by several members of the church with no face masks on.

All other safety protocols were thrown to the wind, as the members of the church failed to observe social distancing and other safety protocols.

The attendees danced to songs and defied all the protocols put in place by the government for churches to observe.

Photos of the event went viral with social media users demanding the arrest and prosecution of the organizers.

Already, the general overseer Pastor Chris has advised his church members not to take the vaccine against the Covid-19 because it was demonic.

He claims the word of God speaks against the vaccination.

His assertions were refuted and had some other top men of God slamming and taking him to the cleaners over his false doctrines.

It has also emerged that the event was guarded by police personnel from the Ghana Police Service.

At the ceremony, the attendees sang songs claiming they were not scared of the Covid-19.

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