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The Reason Vaginal Lubrication is Essential When You are Trying to Get Pregnant?


Enough lubrication of the vagina is necessary to make sex more enjoyable and improve getting pregnant. Natural lubrication occurs when fluid is secreted from the vaginal walls and glands, mostly thanks to sufficient foreplay. Vaginal lubrication can also be achieved by way of adding an artificial lubricant. But, some lubricants are not “sperm-friendly” and therefore should not be used.

Inadequate lubrication can be an issue during sex

Many TTC heterosexual couples are advised to have sex during their fertile window. This time is every day or every other day of the 5 days prior and the ovulation day, known as the fertile window.

One study looked at the self-reported experiences of 900 trying to conceive couples (TTC), In the study, 88% of the couples said that vaginal dryness is one of the problems that often or sometimes affect their intimacy negatively.


Foreplay boots natural vaginal moisture and likely promotes your chances of getting pregnant


Apart from the better feeling that comes with a moist vagina when trying to conceive, your chances of getting pregnant increase.

How does it work? Sperm survive better in a moist environment. With enough foreplay, the natural moisture of the vagina increases enough for the longevity of the sperm waiting to fertilize the woman’s egg.

About 50% of couples report struggling with vagina dryness because of lack of proper lubrication. Remember, when you are working on getting pregnant, the quality of your partner’s sperm count should be considered. Every sperm counts, and you better be sure you’re not doing something that impairs the sperm count and/or function.

The surprising news here is that studies have shown that saliva and water are not sperm-friendly. Besides, anything petroleum-based, for example, Vaseline, ought to be avoided when trying to conceive.

Clomid (Clomiphene citrate) and lubrication

Are you a couple using Clomid (clomiphene citrate), a fertility medication? Clomid blocks estrogen production, and estrogen is central to vaginal moisture. So, if you are taking Clomid, you are likely to experience vaginal dryness even long afterwards. Go for a known sperm-friendly lubricant if you’re taking Clomid for timed intercourse.

Vaginal dryness and medical issues

Is your vaginal dryness problem happening consistently? It may be a symptom of menopause or early menopause, a medical condition, infections or a hormone imbalance. Please consult your doctor.

Check out these suggestions to help you do without an artificial lubricant:

  • Give foreplay a chance and make it an essential part of your interaction each time you have sex. Give it enough time.
  • Begin with a romantic evening.
  • Massage each other.
  • Have sweet discussions before the time.
  • Be touchy with each other.

For couples who already have abnormal sperm counts or other related problems and are therefore having difficulties getting pregnant, experts recommend skipping the artificial lubrication or using a truly fertility-friendly brand.


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