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Top 7 Popular Health Myths Debunked


Health Myths Debunked

Did you know that some popular health tips and warnings that you follow are nothing but complete myths? In this article, I will walk you through some health myths and also debunk them to help you stay healthy. Here are the myths or misconceptions:

1.     Eating Late Makes You Gain Weight

People have probably advised you to avoid eating late in the evening because it will make you gain more weight. Well, only very little evidence backs this concept. According to Oregon Health & Science University and Dunn Nutrition Centre researchers, it is not true. Weight gain is actually associated with the quantity and what you eat rather than when. If you can burn off the calories consumed, eat at any time!

2.     Thin is Better Than Fat

First of all, what some people consider,” fat” isn’t necessarily healthy for you from a health perspective. However, for the record, being obese is no doubt unhealthy. Sadly, many people underestimate the health risks of being underweight. According to researchers at Tohoku University, underweight people over 40 years of age are at a higher risk of experiencing heart disease and pneumonia compared to overweight people.

3.     Reading In a Dimly Lit Setting Damages Your Eyesight

Millions of people perhaps including you, have read using candlelight, paraffin lamps, torchlight or other dim light but continue to have great eyesight. Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine in the U.S studied this view and stated that people who read in a dimly lit setting don’t develop any permanent eye damage. Well, it might lead to temporal dry eyes or eye strain though.

4.     You Can ‘Catch-Up on Your Missed Sleep During Weekends

No, you can’t! You can’t deny your body some recommended sleep within the week and then catch up on it during the weekend. A study deprived participants of only four hours’ sleep for five nights. Then they were given more sleeping time of 10 hours to recover. However, after measuring their attention span, reaction times and fatigue, they found that they had not return to normal. This means that catching up with missed sleep is just a myth you have to ignore. So, stop missing sleep!

5.     All Bacteria is Bad

This is an easy-to-debunk myth. Did you know that some bacteria are good for you? Good examples are the different bacteria that cover healthy skin for natural disease prevention and the good bacteria in the human gut for strengthening your immunity. So, tune down your obsession with using antibiotics or over-cleansing your skin for it retains the good bacteria your body needs.

6.     Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day

Is it actually healthy for EVERYBODY to drink eight glasses of water per day? Hydration is essential but over-hydration can be dangerous. Not everyone can drink the eight glasses because it depends partly on the type and quantity of food one consumes, body size, temperature and level of activity.

7.     Eat Anything You Desire as Long as You Burn it Off

You can’t eat anything you crave and get away with it on the pretext that you exercise regularly and don’t put on weight. The fact is, if you eat unhealthy food options, health issues will wreck your body. No wonder many fit people on a poor diet still end up with cardiovascular disease or other related issues. Having a balanced diet is inevitable no matter what!

Now you know some top health myths. Your best reaction to these debunked myths is to ignore them.

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